1. R

    Squeaking when steering wheel on full lock

    I have recently had new track rod end & suspension fitted to my E220 I've had it tracked but now when I put steering on full lock I get seeking noise from same side, can anyone help
  2. mcshape

    2010 W212 rough idle and squeaking

    Hey All Have an issue with my E200 CDI, When i first start it in the morning the engine does not sound very "mercedes like" at all, it sounds very rough and has a squeaking / chirping sound too, as soon as the car warms up this calms down, but it seems very consistent with starting it up after...
  3. clarea

    Squeaking rear suspension

    I had my nearside rear tyre repaired on Wednesday, since then there has been a squeaking noise from the nearside rear suspension. It does it all the time when driving, worse over bumps. I can replicate the noise by getting someone to bounce the car on that side. The car raises and lowers...
  4. K

    E320 Cdi (56 plate) Squeaking Front

    Morning All, long time lurk but first post. Just as of yesterday front right started to groan/squawk over smallish bumps. Got car back home and pressing on the right hand wing gave the same sound. After an hour or two that test stopped creating the noise. Took the wheel off this...
  5. V

    R107 squeaking sound when turning steering to the right

    I have an 1989 SL and when on the move there is a repetitive "squeak squeak squeak" sound or it could be described like a bird tweeting "tweet tweet tweet"when I turn the steering to the right. It seems to go faster as the car does It goes away when I move it back to straight ahead or turn left...
  6. M


    Hi, What would cause breaks to squeak even after having the discs and pads replaced (all 4)
  7. Ryanloco323

    C250 squeaking when turning

    2009 c250 with 53k miles Newish disks and pads on all round but the car is making a horrible noise when driving and turning left ( squeaky break noise ) is it as simple as I think it is and actually is my disks warped or something off that kind ? Thanks ryan
  8. MB-BTurbo

    Squeaking, now failed. Where is the fan motor on a B class W245?

    I have been researching for the last couple of hours as to what could have caused squeaking from my HVAC (which has now failed completely). The car is a 2006 B200 Turbo and believe it may be the fan motor. What I cant find is its location. Is anyone able to point it out please? :confused: Thanks
  9. Dee James

    new rear discs squeaking . . .

    I had new rear discs and pads fitted a couple of weeks ago and i`ve just noticed a squeaking coming from the rear under braking as i come to a stand still. I`m not sure if it`s been there since they were changed as the only reason i noticed it last night is because i had the window down - are...
  10. Mrhanky

    Squeaking Clicking Belt

    I think I need a new S/C belt as my engine has developed an annoying loud squeaking and clicking noise from the belt area. I thought it might be a pully / tensioner, so I squirted some lubricant on to the belt and the noise went for about thirty seconds. Another application of lubricant...
  11. scorpie

    W203 Squeaky Suspension

    I recently replaced my front lower and upper wishbone arms on the front of my C Class W203 when it began squaking like an old bed over every speed bump. The problem was caused by the wishbones not being tightened enough, they have to be really, really tight, on the verge of wringing off the bolt...
  12. swansealee

    squeaking door mirror

    Hi All, I have a 2010 SLK with folding door mirrors but when the drivers one folds in there is a squeaking sound. i cant see anything obvious, has anybody else had this problem and if so how did they fix it.:dk: thanks Lee
  13. Was1

    Squeaking pedal

    My accelerator pedal has developed an annoying squeak. It's the actual foot plate and although it seems petty it's driving me mad! Has anyone else had this issue? With just 10k on the clock my new e class is still under warranty just hope it's covered.
  14. Cleggmeister

    Very basic advice please, brakes squeaking, W124 200E

    Apologies, I guess this is primary school stuff but brakes are not really my thing. Braking at slow speeds, for example when manouevering, causes quite a squeal from my brakes. Can't tell which wheel, it may be one or all of them. How do I sort this out please, with common DIY tools if...
  15. D

    ML 270 cdi squeaking

    Hi, Iv got an ML 270 cdi 2005, it's squeaking when u drive off from stationary or crawling around town at town speeds! Very annoying. If any1 could help with info that would be great! Many thanks
  16. M

    C270 cdi advant-guarde se squeaking noise

    Hi I have a c270 cdi , 05 reg . I pulled on my drive after 14 mile run , put car in park & could here a squeaking /squealing noise Coming from engine so I popped bonnet open & had look seems to becoming from front of engine . Could this be belt or pulley? Rev engine couldn't hear noise but...
  17. P

    W11 E280 Squeeking

    Hi all, I'm a complete non techie so bear with me please, I have a W11 E280 CDI Auto on a '56 face lift, only done 39k. Every time i go over a speed bump or even a small bump in the road i get a high pitched squeak coming form the wheels area not sure which one., I have read a few post which say...
  18. christokane

    Squeaking heater w124

    My heather has a slightly annoying squeak when on first blow setting and just wondering is there a handy place to spray some trusty WD40 on ? Sent from my Sony Arc S using MBClub UK
  19. Z

    c63 squeaking disaster

    Hello guys, I know this is a very popular feature of most c63's but I grew tired and frustrated of this horrible sound. Whenever I try to enjoy my car, it starts to squeal. Few days ago I took it to the dealership but as I expected they didn't come up with anything, saying that "MB Germany is...
  20. brucemillar

    C55 Estate rear N/S suspension squeaking.

    Not good. Started suddenly and is definitely the near side. Does it permanently even if just gently rolling forward in neutral. Sounds like an amplified mouse EEK EEK EEK. Thought I had a broken spring as it is very metallic. Jacked up car and removed rear wheel. No obvious sign of spring...
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