1. Z

    Squeaky brakes c63 w205

    Hi Guys I recently collected my c63 cabriolet and am finding that my brakes are squeaking when I brake. Had a similar problem with the c63 w205 saloon also and when speaking to the dealership was advised that MB was aware of the issue and it was something to do with no asbestos being used...
  2. S

    2007 b class squeaky fan

    Hi Folks, first time poster so apologies if previously covered here. My heater fan while working fine squeals all the time. Had a look with local mechanic but not confident as to how to remove the blower ( if that;s what it is) to clean or replace bearings if they are the guilty party. Any...
  3. A

    Squeaky brakes - ml63

    Booked in for rear pad replacement on Thursday. they started to squeak today which I know to be a safety warning to ensure you don't forget. Can I keep driving on them until Thursday? Squeaking has disappeared
  4. M

    CL500 squeaky suspension

    Hi folks, got a squeak on front of CL500, figured it might be ball joints Car in with dealer at the moment, they are saying both lower control arms need replacing at £180 EACH + 4 hours labour Seems mighty expensive to me, can any experts confirm that's not a good price thanks :)
  5. W

    Troubleshooting: squeaky wheel at low speed, vibration at 70mph. Drop in fuel economy

    Hi everyone So, last weekend I noticed a bit of squeak slowing down. Then at 70mph a vibration, and fuel economy has dipped. I'm a novice, but it's obviously alignment or wheel ba lance My dilemma is which do I pay to get done first? I wa thinking wheel balance, but then if that's not the...
  6. 350cls

    E55 w211 squeaky noise

    When I apply power from a slow rolling start or a standstill I hear a squeaky noise . Last just a second then goes . Could it be a broken mount or suspension component. Getting annoying now. Such a pleasure to drive apart from this new squeak noise. Any ideas on what it could be. Sounds like its...
  7. Rickyj1985

    Sclass squeaky brakes

    Hi just after some advice my in regards to the brakes on my s350 (w222) they squeak when slowing down its not really loud but it is noticeable the car is a 63plate and had 6,000miles approx when i brought it its now done only 11,000. I've had it just over a year its been back to Merc 3 times...
  8. R

    Sprinter 313 W906 Squeaky clutch Pedal??

    Just bought a 13 plate sprinter and the clutch pedal creaks and squeaks like hell. Does anyone know of a solution? I have sprayed the top of the pedal where it pivots but hasn't made a difference
  9. ian1676

    Squeaky noise from dashboard!!

    I was wondering if anyone had any suggestions - I have an irritating squeaking noise coming from behind the dashboard in my 2008 W219 CLS. It started a couple of weeks ago and only occurs on certain road surfaces and at certain engine speeds (and only between 20 and 30mph). It's coming from...
  10. D

    W203 Cdi 220 Squeaky drivers side rear wheel

    I seem to have developed a squeaky noise on the rear side wheel. Makes the noise soon as start driving forward and reversing. I have pushed down the boot and it does not bounce so don't think its the springs. Rear brake pads were low so I replaced them but noise still there. Any...
  11. G

    Squeaky front end clk 280

    Hi everybody first post for a Newbie! I own a W209 clk 280 cabriolet and since picking it up have had a nasty annoying squeak from the front passenger side. It seems to quieten when wet conditions? It's had a new anti roll bar ( with built in bushes for this model) new clamps and bolts and one...
  12. Crashman5cca

    W208 Squeaky back end!

    My 2002 W208 has developed a squeaky back end. It sounds like a knocking shop bed as I drive along! Smooth surface: fine, bumpy surface: squeak Any ideas what is could be? Cheers, Chris. SQ :eek:
  13. L

    W211 Squeaky rear seats

    Hi everybody. I've got 2005 E320 with folding rear seats. Great feature, but it squeaks while driving, or when someone is sitting on it. It just driving me nuts .... It seems the squeak is coming from those clips which hold the rear seats in place and it only squeaks when its locked in. I've...
  14. Hawkwind

    Squeaky Roof

    The roof on my W208 CLK convertible squeaks a lot when driving over uneven surfaces. I got some silicone rubber conditioner and applied it to the rubber seals I could see, not sure I got them all. Any suggestions to stop the squeaking please, it's starting to drive me mad :doh:
  15. U

    Squeaky brakes

    When I've been on a bit of a run, the brakes start to squeak quite annoyingly at slow speeds. I expect it's common knowledge to many but is there anything to be done about this? Normally, I go "if it squeeks, stick WD40 on it" but even I'm not a stoopid enough noob to do that to brakes...
  16. PaulCambs

    c63 squeaky brakes!!

    I've have had my 2013 C63 For 6 weeks now, very happy with it :) but I have noticed an annoying squeal when coming to a stop or in traffic. Have not contacted the dealer yet wanted to see if anyone else has this problem. Thanks. Paul
  17. F

    Squeaky noise from steering

    Seem to be getting a quite loud squeaky/swishy noise when I turn the steering wheel on my C350CDI estate my 2010, anyone know what is causing this? The car drives just fine but it is a disconcerting noise.
  18. Merty

    Squeaky noise from the rear

    Hi guys I've noticed that there is done kind of squeaky noise coming from the rear of the car i think it may be the right wheel , it only comes once the car is doing over 40mph Any ideas,?? Its a w211e class 07 plate on 69k
  19. M

    Squeaky rear!

    Right on my c270 I have a loud squeak from the right rear it only squeaks under load I've changed the anti roll bushes and the dampers but it remains!!!! I think it could be the arm that connects the wishbone to the subframe forwards if that makes sense, what's it called? Also the other option...
  20. sherco450

    vito squeaky cargo area

    last few weeks the cargo area has become noisy / annoying on the w639.. l have owned 3 other vitos w638 and same deal. as l drive alot on mountain /twisty roads.. the w638 i occasionally went around and tighten any screws on the roof bracing and it helped. the w639 has only a few screws and...
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