1. S

    Can I squeeze it in?

    As some will have seen I need to repair or replace my front bumper. I have made an offer on one and a pair of wings. The million dollar question is Can you fit a bumper and a couple of wings in a W210 saloon and still have room for the driver and a Labrador? If I can't I will have to...
  2. D

    suck, squeeze bang blow

    While searching for an animation I once found on this topic for another thread (didn't find it) I found this instread YouTube - Top Gear News 15x07 Put a smile on my face so thought I'd post it Plus there is a MB t'shirt in it so it's kind of appropriate :D
  3. esox

    Suck squeeze bang blow.

    There often seems to be posts in here about engine choices,i am wondering what the statistics are,do the poll,lets see.
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