1. ioweddie

    Red Squirrel causes mot failure

    Car fails MOT for most Isle of Wight reason ever
  2. markjay

    Dog and Squirrel

  3. verytalldave

    Lucky squirrel ! ! ! ! !

    ...........or maybe its a weasel........doesn't look like a squirrel to me......... Lucky Squirrel vs Lamborghini on MSN Video
  4. W

    Why did the squirrel cross the road?

  5. Mozzer

    Squirrel question

    Guys I know some of you are in the know regarding nature stuff. Is this a red or grey squirrel raiding our bird tables ? Thanks Stuart
  6. ShinyF1

    Flippin' Grey Squirrel

    We have a problem with a young grey squirrel which seems intent on destroying a pretty crab apple tree in our garden. It has scratched away at the bark and is pulling off little branches and feeding on the budding fruit. Any suggestions [short of euthanasia but will consider it] for putting a...
  7. Steve_Perry

    So what's your squirrel name?

    Click the link below for 'Squirrel Name 2.2 (Patent Pending)' http://cheekysquirrel.net/squirrelname/index.php "Steve Perry from this day forward you will also be known as: Primeminster Bushkisser" :o So what are your names my furry friends? S.
  8. NormanB

    OT:GOLD WING FORUM - That darn squirrel

    Sorry peeps - in my research for a motor scooter! - I was cruising the Goldwing forum and found this wee story about a squirrel I have 'CTRL C and V'd' in its entirety. Its a belter: Jed I never dreamed slowly cruising through a residential neighbourhood could be so incredibly...
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