1. tpwuk

    S-Reg E36? W210

    1998 MERCEDES E36 AMG AUTO SILVER on eBay (end time 23-Nov-10 15:06:14 GMT) Did they still make them then?
  2. C

    Gearbox problems Sreg E300TD Auto

    HI I've got a couple of problems with my gearbox 1. On cold days in wont change up for the first 5 mins. It just stays in first, but then after I suppose it warms up and then works fine. 2. Sometime in very sluggish pulling away. But most of the time it's fine. Any ideas, the cars done...
  3. U

    C200 Elegance S-Reg (W202) Wheels/Tyres

    Hi all, I have a C200 Elegance on an S-Reg 1999 (W202) and really want to upgrade the wheels. It currently has standard Mercdes 15" Alloys on there with 195/65/15 Tyres. I think these were standard with the car. There are 2 sets of wheels I am interested in and have to make a decision...
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