1. glyn86

    Red dye stains on cream carpets

    Hi I have these horrible patchs of red dye like from old car mats that transfered onto my cream carpet.does anyone know how I would get it out.i have tryed a few products but nothing works
  2. martinc65

    2013 C Class Sport Plus Seat Stains

    I own a 2013 C Class C250 CDI Estate Sports Plus with Dinamica/Artico interior seats with the red stitching I've had the Car for nearly 12 month now. The car was only 11 month old when I bought it, from early on I noticed little white marks appearing on Dinamica inserts, and its gradually...
  3. adam87

    Cream Cloth W210 E Class Interior Valet

    Cream Cloth W210 E Class Interior Valet This isn't a 'How to' thread as I was was pushed for time on this one, but shows what you can achieve with with a few basic cleaning materials probably located somewhere in your home. Henry the Hoover Brushes All Purpose Cleaner (I used Flash on this...
  4. SPX

    How do I clean deep stains on cloth back seats?

    I've tried scrubbing with fairy washing-up liquid, Vanish stain remover and a couple of more off-beat ways of trying to get rid of these stains. Anyone have any ideas or tips? Thanks in advance.
  5. T

    How can I clean SLS fluid stains from tarmac?

    Hi, Hoping someone has a great idea how to clean stains of hydraulic fluid that has leaked from my estate onto the tarmac infront of my house. Tried jetwash and few cleaners but little doing. Has anyone a nice method? Thanks Toby
  6. J

    Urgent help on stains on Aluminium

    Hi Guys Ive got this stain on the aluminium door surrounds of a RS4, it looks like salt marks but i cant get rid of them. Any suggestions. Thanks Jack
  7. D

    How to remove these stains please

    Hi, found this forum which looks great after a bit of googling, hopefully someone will be able to help with an issue I have. I am in the process of cleaning my car inside and out thoroughly but have hit a snag. On my centre console at the sides, Denim dye stains have rubbed off from jeans...
  8. Londonscottish

    Removing Stains from Carpets

    About 4 years ago one of my kids spilt a load of orange juice on the floor of my wife's Clio. The carpets are pale grey and the stain is ugly. Any suggestions for products to shift the stain? Thanks
  9. KillerHERTZ

    Oil on driveway - how do you remove the stains?

    Not from my car, but a friend of a family member has left a handful of oil stains on their driveway. Any idea's on making it less noticable? eh putting sand or somthing on?
  10. A

    bird dropping stains

    would clay remove stains caused by bird droppings on metallic paint
  11. W

    Wax Stains On Wind Screen

    The front and back wind screens of my car are stained with many lines on which rain water flows along from top to bottom. Vision through the wind screen gets very bad driving at night in light or heavy rain. I believe the lines are dry wax polish carried down by rain water from the car roof...
  12. G

    Indian Stains

    I picked up indian takaway on the way home from work today and the bag leaked a bit over the passanger seat, I now have a bright yellow stain on the black leather, it kind of glows, so far I have tried autoglym leather cleaner, baby wipes, vinegar, interior shampoo, leather cream, soda water and...
  13. com

    Oily stains from cloth ?

    One of my passengers managed to drop a bit of their KFC Twister while eating in the car (after being warned!) and it has managed to leave oily stains on the seat - I imagine from the mayonaise. I have given it a good couple times over with a wet cloth but this doesn't seem to be doing the trick...
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