1. Sonny Burnett

    Help me identify stalk

    Hi guys never in all the mercs I have owned have I seen this stalk can't find much about it online does anyone know what it does ? Sent from my SM-G930F using Tapatalk

    A class (168) indicator stalk problem.

    Took delivery today of a 51 plate A160 lwb automatic. The car is in lovely condition for its age , except for the indicator stalk does not cancel after making a turn. The seller advised me that it is not worth replacing it ( possible MOT fail?) , as it is a recurring problem on this model, and...
  3. D

    Indicator stalk issue

    Hi all, I have a 55 plate W203 C220 CDI. Yesterday, I got in the car and pushed in the indicator stalk to do a pulse of the wipers. Nothing. Pushed it all the way in to use the screenwash. Nothing. Checked indicators, normal wipers, full beam. All work fine. Has anyone else had this...
  4. C

    W203 Washer pump not working, but pump OK and stalk contacts cleaned

    Hello, I have been reading as much as I could here and elsewhere before bothering people with this, but unfortunately I have come to the more expensive probabilities, so I thought I would ask for some help. This is a second car, 2003 reg C270CDI, W203, and gets driven rarely, only my wife...
  5. G

    Vito indicator stalk keeps on popping off.

    Hello Mercedes experts, I've done a search but I can't seem to find anyone with a similar problem. I've got a 2005 Vito and when I came to use it after Christmas the cap on the end of the indicator stalk pops off all the time especially when I turn it to activate the windscreen wipers. I can't...
  6. W

    Indicator stalk twisting (CLK 270)

    Hi all. My first post as I need some help from someone brighter than me. When I use my indicators the whole cowling including the cruse stalk twists. It is really annoying. I tried tightening the clamping screw but that did nothing. I needed to replace the stalk as the indicators were not...
  7. Dave Richardson

    203 Indicator stalk problem

    I'm experiencing an annoying problem with the end cap on the indicator arm falling off. Luckily at the moment I've not lost the inner spring. I've tried using double sided sticky tape so the next option I'm considering is using Super glue to retain the end cap. I imagine this is be a...
  8. G

    W204 2009 Estate - Correct part no for cruise control stalk and squib

    Hi guys, I did mention this in my introduction and I would now also like to extend my question to the larger community. Here is my current project: I would like to retrofit cruise control. Comand can fit it (all in) for me for £400, however I understand that if I source and fit the part (I...
  9. A

    W212 2013 gear shift stalk.

    This gear shift stalk is on the right side of the steering. On my other car, this is where the turn signals is. I really dread the occasion when I want to turn right and accidentally operate this stalk instead. Is there a safety incorporated against this? Will that action put the gear into...
  10. P

    Very odd (possesed wiper stalk)

    Sorry if this is the wrong section, I wasn't sure where it should be :o CLK 2003 W209 Convertible. My wipers are playing up, in that they will ONLY work when the button is pressed (and sometimes not even then), not on auto or speed 1 or 2. The indicator wont stay on either when turning right...
  11. D

    How to replace indicator stalk for my W203 c240?

    Hi guys, could anyone recommend me a merc specialist? The full beam can not stay on. I need someone how can help me replacing the stalk
  12. R

    2003 W211 Indicator Stalk Issues

    Hi, I'm the owner of a 2003 E320cdi with approx 122k miles on the clock. I have an issue relating to the self-cancelling of the indicator stalk - basically it doesn't always cancel, or it will cause indication in the opposite direction. When steering there is also a clicking noise and...
  13. O

    C220CDI Coupe Indicator Stalk Part Number

    As title, does anyone have the part number for a 2003 C220 CDI Coupe Indicator stalk please? Ref numbers on the stalk itself are "SWF HLS 108 / DOT SAE QB01" but i cant seem to find this on searches :( :wallbash: Thanks in advance :)
  14. O

    2003 C220 CDI Indicator Stalk

    AS the title, I'm after an indicator stalk for my C220 Cdi Coupe, if anyone has one for sale :) mines given up the ghost... Thanks in advance
  15. O

    C220 CDI Coupe 2003 Indicator Stalk

    Does anyone know a source where I can find the correct part code to replace my knackered indicator stalk? It's a 2003 220cdi coupe evolution. Thanks in advance
  16. Q

    SL500 r129 wiper stalk fault

    Hi i have an sl500 r129 K reg. my indicator stark developed a fault the wipers were working but the fog/beam light was not working and the indicators were working sometimes. i have now changed the whole stalk and the indicators and fog/beam light work fine however now the wipers do nowork at...
  17. S

    W124 Indicator Stalk Compatibility

    Hi, I need a new stalk as the wipers are not functioning correctly. I have checked the relay and this is ok. Are the stalks all the same for the W124? I have an E220 Coupe. Thanks
  18. S

    W203 indicator stalk. What were mercedes thinking!

    Having owned my first w203 c220 cdi Estate face-lift now for a few months, I'm more than happy with it. However, one thing really gets on my nerves and it's the whole indicator/wiper stalk affair. Did mercedes get a 6 year old to design it? The twist on the end for the front wipers is...
  19. L

    Anybody know what the 3rd stalk does ?

    I'm thinking about buying a second W211 - and wondered what the bottom stalk does (column adjustment ?) :
  20. Nasco12

    W202 Wiper not working and stalk hot

    Pretty much as above except that the stalk has cooled down now and there is no signs of life from the wiper. The indicators work as does the screenwash (just no wiper to wipe it with). What is it likely to be? stalk, electronics or wiper?
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