1. S

    C200K nearly stalls when braking

    Hi, My 53 plate C200k Automatic nearly stalls when coming to a stand still. Sometimes if i accelerate from stop and brake immediately the engine appears to hunt and oscillate for a few seconds gradually decreasing. There is also a slight vibration at tick over now when in drive but not in...
  2. F

    Stalls when selecting a gear

    My son has a 1995 C200 Elegance (engine 111.941) that has a problem when starting up. The engine starts fine and ticks over correctly, but as soon as you select a gear it stalls. You can get around it by revving the engine before it has chance to stall, but this is far from ideal. No...
  3. C

    W124 '92 230E - Starts then stalls

    My son just bought an old W124 (230e) saloon with several faults, and I am trying to help him to get this car back on the road (I have had several W210's, a couple of W126's and currently I am the proud (?) owner of a W163, but I never touched a W124 before now...) First of all, there was the...
  4. dddooommm

    Diesel automatic stalls when selecting gear on cold start w209 w211 270 om612

    Diesel automatic stalls when selecting gear on cold start w209 w211 270 om612 To MBCLUB- Why does my auto Diesel engine stall on cold starts as soon as I change from P PARK to D DRIVE or R Reverse ? More info: -I've turned the AC unit off before starting the car. -Battery &...
  5. brucemillar

    300te rattles & stalls

    Folks My 124 300te cut out (stalled) today after a 1 hour motorway drive. I had pulled into the Services when it simply stalled. On re-starting, it has a top end front rattle and cuts out when you shift into D, unless you have some revs. It has clean coolant and oil with no smoke or steam...
  6. MBYR93

    W124 'stalls' when put from drive into reverse?

    Hi, I've owned my '94 e220 coupe for a few months now and it's going great. However, recently, when I have put the car into reverse, what I can only describe as the car stalling. Any reason why this would happen? Many thanks.
  7. B

    2011 c250 auto nearly stalls when turning

    Hi my recently,acquired c250 estate has started to behave strangely. When making left or right turns the car nearly stalls. I checked the power steering level and it seems fine although there are signs in that vicinity of a leak. Any suggestions ? Thanks.
  8. W

    clk 320 wont start and cuts out, lots replaced !

    help required if you can, my 98 clk320 convertible has started to cut out or not start at all for the first few trys. had maf replaced a couple of months back for erratic revs and was fine since. but now it sometimes starts then stops straight away from cold. dealer had it for 4 days and said...
  9. C

    Clk 230 stalls when closing door!?

    My clk struggles to start, it turns over fine it's like it just quite catch to turn on and once it does start, il get out to close the gate il close the car door and the car will turn off!? Any suggestions? I'm not a mechanic but iv solved quite a few things on the clk I think it could be a bad...
  10. V

    2004 Viano 2.2 Diesel stalls when put in Drive

    Hi fellow members, I have a 2004 Viano 2.2 diesel Auto, whilst driving along the road the engine stalled and when I pulled over I restarted the engine which ran fine in Park or Neutral, but when selecting Drive the engine would die and stall out, I can select reverse and the engine will...
  11. spraydizzy

    CDi Stalls at 3000 rpm

    ML 270 CDi W163 2002 Auto Tiptronic: when driving and at around 3 to 4000 rpm the car just cuts out ! :wallbash: Have to put it in neutral start it up again back to drive all while still rolling @ 40 mph what would cause this shutdown ? once started again all's ok EGR is sparkling...
  12. rk100

    2009 C220 cdi stalls when slowing at junctions etc

    Hi all My brother has a 2009 C220 cdi auto and every now any again it just stalls when he is slowing down at junctions etc. Does anyone have any experience of this or have ever heard of it. Thanks
  13. T

    CLK230K Stalls on Full Lock in Reverse.

    Can anyone suggest what could be the problem. My 2001 CLK 230K (W208) (Auto) Stalls when I am reversing up an incline when applying full lock to turn into my driveway. In retrospect, the car has always dropped a few revs when I used to do this but it has now gotten to the point where it...
  14. C

    300SE W126 stalls at traffic lights

    Just lately my 1988 300SE has started to stall at traffic lights or roundabouts. It will start again immediately when I put it in to drive. When it is in drive it idles at about 6500, but drops when I put it in to drive. I manage to drive it by accelerating slightly with my other foot on the...
  15. J

    Starts then stalls

    new to this forum so hello everyone and hope you're all having a good day, and i also live in the US so any cars i mention are US spec picked up 2 e320's this weekend, one with a fuel pump issue which i'm in the process of handling, and another with a weird problem. i am more familiar with...
  16. Cass1977

    Starts up then stalls, try again and works fine?

    Hi I have an annoying problem with my 1995 w202 c200. Every now and then, when I start it up, it stalls. If I take the key out and put it back in and start it again it works fine. This doesnt happen all the time and I cant find any pattern to when it does happen. Has anyone heard of this...
  17. B

    C class engine stalls and misfires using Biodiesel

    The fuel tank was almost empty and I put 2 gallons of biodiesel (C class 220 cdi 2003); the engine stalled, misfired and run rough. I have filled the tank up twoice since so there is no biodiesel left in the tank, but the car has not been able to recover. The biodiesel that I have used works...
  18. brucemillar

    Almost stalls then revs surge.

    Folks Just had a full engine oil change including a flush on my C55. Now when I pull up at a junction the revs drop as if the car is going to stall then they surge back up. This makes the car want to push forward and is not nice. Any ideas? Car is fine at idle and drives well with no issues.
  19. B

    W124 300E stalls at low revs

    Hi Our lovely 300E, which we bought new in 1990, and has only done about 60k miles, has an annoying problem whereby it cuts out at low revs. It'll start again immediately. Our garage has run out of ideas. It's been a recurring problem over the past few years but now is so bad that it's...
  20. B

    Cold starting issue '02 Vito 108cdi

    Hello. I have several problems with my 2002 108cdi, posted in various parts of this site, but as this is an engine issue, it gets posted here... The van starts immediately from cold, but dies again after running for 2-3 seconds. This happens whether I don't touch the accelerator pedal at...
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