1. kusanku

    MB service history - no more books to stamp?

    We picked up my wife's A-class yesterday, purchased from MB Weston-Super-Mare. Being used to buying older vehicles, where you expect to check everything with a fine-tooth comb, I was applying the same strategy to the documentation here. Everything was in order, but a got a bit of a surprise when...
  2. smoothrider

    W126 stamp collection

    who said W126 is a dictator's car!?
  3. sjmaxwell

    Identifying a dealer stamp in service book

    I've got a dealer stamp in the service book and wondered who they are. It says Mercedes Benz Fleet Management Sales & Service and a Dealer ID of 17233 (I think but it's not clear) Anyone know a phone number and where they are?
  4. T

    stamp duty land tax (SDLT)

    Can this really be mitigated? I'm talking residential property in England/Wales at a value that would make it worthwhile. Lots being said about it but few real people saying they have successfully mitigated. Looking for opinions from real users of scheme. Feel free to pm me please
  5. Apial

    Stamp duty payable?

    I have been told that stamp duty will not be payable by an intermediary(B) in the following circumstances: A sells a commercial property to B for £300k who simultaneously transfers it to C for the same £300k. Is this because B never actually registers the proprerty in their name, and is...
  6. Simon Lukas

    Blank service stamp booklet WANTED for W123 280TE

    I would be most grateful if anyone could point me in the right direction, as my first booklet has run out, and I am keen to keep my service history up to date for my beloved 2 owner 280TE. Please help!! Email me please, Thanks lots!!
  7. BlackC55

    Mercedes stamp A little bit naughty?:rolleyes:
  8. A

    Does my car need a service for the Stamp??

    Hello My Car a 2003 ML350 has the following service stamps 1) 14787miles 'B' Service 15/04/2004 2) 26447miles 'A' Service 28/06/2005 3) 36145miles 'A' Service 26/03/2007 (when I bought it) on 40000 miles I had the oil changed (10/04/2008) as I thought since I do so few miles that was...
  9. G

    Possible forged Mercedes Benz service stamp

    Hi, I own a Mitsubishi car and whilst I am the current owner of this vehicle, we are suspicious about a service stamp in our service book which says its done by Mercedes Benz. Now, at the time fo the purchase the previous owner said he knew nothing about it but because it had full dealer...
  10. HughJarse

    Mobilo stamp every 2 years...

    If you need a stamp in service book every 2 years, can you get the expensive service ( B I think) buy an independant, and then get the cheaper one by Mercedes?. This would be a service every year, with a Merc one every 2 years?
  11. Spinal

    Service Stamp

    HERE There must be something against ebay rules for that, and even with the "alternative" merc spelling, it seems to have attracted some attention...
  12. jukie

    Exchange 2000 & incorrect date stamp

    Exchange 2K on Win2k. Messages going out are holding in the SMTP queue and we don't know why. One strange thing we've noticed is that in Exchange System Manager, the messages that are held show a date (currently) of April 25. All machines on the LAN have the correct time & date. Anyone got...
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