1. Benzmanc


    Had a package arrive from the fatherland and there was a couple of nice stamps on it. Don't know if anyone here collects this sort of thing but if there is you can have them before i bin them.
  2. N

    DIY service history - counterfeit Dealer stamps. Completed items search show this scally ******* is making & selling these everyday - MB ones too!
  3. B

    1989 W124 300E 82K 21 MB stamps!

    Not what some might consider the 'best' colour (although I quite like it) but this looks lovely and at a very reasonable price. Mercedes 300E (1989) 82000 MILES, 21 MERCEDES SERVICE STAMPS | eBay
  4. ss201

    Postage stamps - any experienced collectors?

    My 89 year old uncle has a massive stamp collection (approximately one million stamps), including many from a former local Post Office owner's collection that are over 100 years old. He wants to realise some of the money he has invested in the collection over the years. Has anyone any experience...
  5. 300CE

    Mercedes W126 500SE Almandine Red - FSH (36 Stamps) - 35 Pics (BIN £1350.00)

    Doesn't look to bad for the money and a nice description: Mercedes W126 500SE Almandine Red - Mushroom Leather - FSH (36 Stamps) - 35 Pics | eBay
  6. 300CE

    1991 mercedes 300ce coupe auto stunning condition 20 service stamps!!

    eBay - The UK's Online Marketplace
  7. 300CE

    MERCEDES 190E 2.6 AUTO BLUE FSH AMAZING 25 stamps - £795.00 with best offer

    Cheap runaround?! MERCEDES 190E 2.6 AUTO BLUE FSH AMAZING 25 stamps. | eBay
  8. 300CE

    Outstanding 1993 W124 MERCEDES 200TE AUTO Estate, 28 service stamps,all old MOTs

    Outstanding 1993 W124 MERCEDES 200TE AUTO Estate, 28 service stamps,all old MOTs | eBay
  9. S

    Service stamps

    We have recently purchased a 35000 ML270CDI which we are very happy with, it came with full MB service history (Confirmed in the service books and on MB service records). I have just had a A service done on the vehicle, and the MB dealer has ticked no to both of the points under the MobilioLife...
  10. High-Lo

    Dodgy Service Stamps again

    Why do these auctions not get pulled? Now for all makes of cars :crazy:
  11. Satch

    Royal Wedding Stamps

    Well one Royal plus Consort. Did I miss out on the one when she was appointed Royal Concubine???
  12. R

    Chassis stamps

    After recently buying a stolen recovered Mercedes SLK, I have been trying to replace the chassis stickers and stamp in the bulkhead. Mercedes have supplied the stick on chassis plates for the door shuts, but I'm finding it very difficult to get the stamps back into the bulkhead. I know this...
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