1. Beef Dogg

    C124 Optimisation

    Here is a few pics of my '93 C124 E220. Few things i have done so far: USDM Front numberplate plinth South African spec. Metal Skid plate R129 Front top mounts Early style Full black leather interior Wheels: Various.... :D When i got it.... Skid plate, this is a serious bit of kit. after...
  2. B

    Stance e500 s211 back up

    That stances e500 is back up again! The owner has seen sense and taken £2k off the asking price.
  3. carat 3.6

    BBS CH on a w124?

    What does the forum think about these alloys on a w124? Do they suit it or is it a no go? :dk:
  4. gunning

    W124 300CE stance build

    Well this evening I decided to buy my project car courtesy of John (trapperJohn). I collect it in a couple of weeks when it gets tailored 400 miles back to Cornwall. Current plans are as follows: Replace windscreen Full suspension overhaul Work out a way to get it low and stanced (not too...
  5. MattTaylor

    Lowering my W202, any suggestions?

    Hi guys, new to the site. I recently bought myself a C200 (W202) and want to lower it as much as possible. I've had a good look around and found H&R coilovers, I was wondering if anyone has put these on before? If so how low does it go and how reliable are they? Any other suggestions on lowering...
  6. gunning

    Do a stance my cls

    I'm in 2 minds, I know some of you may not like this. So I've had my cls a month or so and I've got the itch to stance it on a serious set of wheels. 19" x 10J rear running a 26 offset 8.5j et 22 ish 3sdm 0.06 highly polish wheel I would go with fat tyres not stretched as I'm not into the...
  7. Dr-Nab

    Stance and stretched tyres

    Obviously people will always tune new cars up regardless whether it's an individual or a company and I realise that in the euro-scene everyone is trying to put the widest wheels on with stretched tyres but does it suit a Mercedes? Had a rather enthusiastic old friend tell me it would look great...
  8. Mobb

    Aggressive stance - Tyres / Spacers - Help needed

    So I have just bought some 19" Kleemann Alloys and will be having them fitted in a week or two, I just need to decide on the tyres and what spacers I need. So heres where I need the help.. What size spacers do I need for the aggressive look? Ref; tyres.. I was thinking 235/35/19 on...
  9. R

    FIA takes tough stance

    Formula One's ruling body has announced plans to cut costs and make racing more exciting after a meeting with team bosses in London. The FIA have acted after saying the 10 team principals had failed to come up with concrete proposals despite much discussion. Electronic aids such as...
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