1. E

    R129 hardtop stand x 2

    Forgot about these... I have two R129 hardtop stands but no R129, so they must go. One is an Inka stand just like the ones on Ebay (I can't seem to get a link uploaded I'm afraid) which I only used for about a month, then dismantled and put back in the box. The other one is almost...
  2. MancMike

    Jack and stand in one action

    These are cool. We've all experience the problem where you put your trolley jack on the jacking point, lift the corner, then what? Where to put the axle stand? There's no other jacking point nearby. These stands go over your trolley jack, and you lift the car, then slot the pins in place...
  3. S

    For sale MB SL R129 Hardtop Stand - Heavy Duty - MINT

    Selling my SL R129 heavy duty hardtop stand, in mint condition Just renewed the foam support cushions so as good as new. See link for lots of pics and full description Mercedes Benz SL R129 Hardtop Stand (Heavy Duty Panoramic Glass version) | eBay Sorry there is only 8 hours left to bid.
  4. T

    CLS Axle Stand Point

    Silly question time, I had a look under a CLS today, I could see each of the 4 jacking points, I think I'd get a jack pad to lift it up. But it was not obvious where the axel stand points were? Does anyone have any photos or description of where I put axel stands, on a W219?
  5. T

    Axle Stand positions for a CLK C209

    Hi, Does anyone know the best position to place Axle Stands when lifting the front of the car? One site describes placing them under the front chassis for the W210, is the approach for the C209 the same? Is there any way to identify the most appropriate place to position them on each side? Thanks
  6. A

    Vin what does WDD stand for

    I know W for wagon D for Damiler I had expected to see B for Benz, but I have a WDD welcome any thoughts.
  7. dan-mb

    2 Mercedes drivers in a stand off (video)

    2 idiots driving mercs. Both should not be on the road, the old boy in the S class can't even reverse. I'm not sure if there is a right of way sign either end of the tunnel but the s class looks in complete shadow and nearly...
  8. N

    Axle stand position on the W203 ('01 CLK 320)

    does anyone have a visual from underneath of where to use a hydraulic jack for lifting and where to position axle stands on the car. Even better if there is a central lifting point to get the whole front/back in the air at the same time? Many thanks in advance.
  9. E

    R129 hardtop stand

    I need a hardtop stand for my soon-to-be-collected R129. I am minded to buy an Inka item off t' Bay of cheap and cheerful. Can anyone endorse this maker's kit as satisfactory (or not), or recommend any particular make/type I should look at as well/instead. OOOOH, I'm so excited...
  10. mct_cars

    Going to Silverstone for the F1. Advice on where to stand / sit

    As per title, have the pleasure of going to Silverstone Saturday and Sunday. General Admission tickets, so wondering where the best place to stand / sit is to see the action? Also any advice on what to take would be useful too (i.e. is it worth taking a camping chair, rug, piece of plastic...
  11. The _Don

    Apple Music changes policy after Taylor Swift stand
  12. R

    Reccomendations for SL hardtop stand (R107)?

    Hello, I've recently purchased an SL (R107 chassis) and wanted to get a hardtop stand for the garage. Its a rented space so cannot get the ceiling hoist. Any reccomendations? I've seen the one at the SL shop for £150, but I've seen the one on eBay from "UK Custom Covers" which is around £90...
  13. R

    Wanted, hardtop stand for SL (R107)

    Title says it all really, needs to be in good condition and ready to use. I'm located in London, so not too far. Will collect. Thanks in advance
  14. Hartzpartz

    R129 SL Hard Top Stand

    SL hard top stand for sale. Unused by myself and stored sensibly in a dry shed. Square section 'heavy duty' framework. Sits on castors. They appear to be from £100 to £150 new, via eBay so will accept £60. Buyer to collect from Sompting, West Sussex please. Email: [email protected] or PM please.
  15. L

    Safe axle stand points on an SL 55 r230?

    Hi, I know that you jack on the rubber mounts, however for the 4x wheel refurb, it needs to be dropped onto axle stands, therefore can't use the rubber jack points as the jack will be on them to lift it, where can one use axle stands on these cars safety please? thanks Laurie:D
  16. L

    Where do I stand

    A short while ago, the sills on my ML filled up with water which overflowed into the battery dept corroding a SAM. The SAM was replaced with MB giving 36% discount on parts and labour as a goodwill gesture. Afterwards the passenger's side mirror stopped dipping when reverse was engaged. I...
  17. Alex

    Engine Stand

    I'm after one for a period of 5-6 weeks, maybe less. Does anyone have one around that I can borrow? I'm in North Bucks. Thanks.
  18. guydewdney

    This'll make the detailer's hair stand on end.....

    Just washed my car - starting with the wheels. Utterly filthy, black with dust, mud, poo, you name it. Cleaned the spilt veg oil off with Simoniz Alloy Cleaner (black bottle - seems to be an end of line product). OK so far? Yeah - so I tried it on the spilt oil around the filler cap. Wow -...
  19. t-dawg1

    What does the M,C & S stand for?

    My car has this button and I always drive in the S mode? Anyone know what the other ones are for? Or when best to use them!
  20. M

    r129 sl hardtop stand

    hi peeps i have a genuine weismann mercedes dealer hardtop stand in great condition,its foldable so takes up very little space when not in use. its very sturdy and my panoramic hardtop sat very well on it.will be fine for a standard hardtop too. hard to find now,it is used so bear in mind it...
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