1. S

    Authorised dealers' standards

    I suspect that the vast majority of Club members use indies or are expert in carrying out their own servicing and repairs, so this topic may not have much traction... but I'd be interested in views about M-B authorised dealers' standards generally and what to do when seriously brassed off. In...
  2. ian1676

    Approved Used Standards

    Am I being picky or are Stealer Approved Used cars not prepared as well as they should be? I've just got my second approved used MB - first car 3 years ago had 2 scuffs on the bumpers when collected and a piece of trim hanging off inside by the rear screen. Current one (6 years old 71,000...
  3. stwat

    Standards of driving.

    I hope DM doesn't read this as it's a bit of a rant:D Yesterday I had a woman driving right up my jacksie. I looked in the mirror as I slowed down for a speed bump, to see that she was doing her fecking makeup in the rear view mirror. No i am not joking !! Later that day around 3pm...
  4. Palfrem

    Double standards alive and well

    Yes, I know it's the Daily Mail but bear with me.... Disgraced, millionaire criminal, Mr Huhne buys an iPad on expenses and it's not worth taking him to court to get it back after quitting as an Mp Fury at Huhne who bought £600 iPad on expenses before quitting as MP with Clegg demanding...
  5. D

    Driving standards are dire

    Is it just me or are driving standards at lowest point possible . Every day whilst out driving i pull out what is left off my thinning thatch as an almost endless number of clowns come to my attention .Ignorant beyhond belief barging from lane to lane in effect pushing in /jumping the queue -...
  6. MercDane

    Sound system control standards & compatibility questions

    Hi everyone, I have a 2002 220 CDI that has a factory-installed BOSE sound system. The headunit is an ‘Audio 10’ (that’s what it says on the cassette lid). I wanted to replace the factory CD changer with one that supports MP3 (most robably SONY as I like the quality) and probably also the...
  7. ringway

    Just eaten a Kit Kat. Standards are falling.

    The Ringway's have just been eating Kit Kat's. We all noticed that they don't taste as good as they used to do. Not much chocolate taste, more like a very sugary wafer. I'm sure Nestl'e are making extra profits by skimping on certain ingredients but if people don't buy the product.. I...
  8. culpano

    Thinking of getting trading standards involved or even a solicitor -please advice

    Thinking of getting trading standards involved or even a solicitor -please advise <edited out due to me being an idiot>
  9. Bishy

    Poor standards from Mercedes dealers?!

    When I got my E55 I had a few issuses with it, Supercharger intercooler pump, keyless go sensor failed in the drivers door handle and the air suspension compressor was on its way out. The car was booked into my local Merc dealer to have the above issues sorted + whilst it was in they was going...
  10. W

    Science GCSE standards 'lowered'

    This is a bit of a hobby horse for me: BBC article. Though to say that Maths has held its standards is hard to imagine. Looking at the bigger picture, when I did my Maths GCSE in 1990 I looked at my father's O-Level paper he did in the 1960s and it looked orders of magnitude more difficult...
  11. M

    Trade Standards or straight to Court?

    Hi Guys couldn't find a thread that would answer my questions so I am posting this one. You may just redirect me to a post that would clarify... Back to the core of the problem I have bought an E230 N reg 1996 two weeks ago. From a trader. The price was suspiciously low and I have haggled down...
  12. Satch

    Declining educational standards

    Worried by claims of poor general knowledge, here is an example of a test the Government is about to run in schools to refute this. 8/10 is the required standard: 1) How long did the Hundred Years War last? 2) Which country makes Panama hats? 3) From which animal do we get catgut? 4) In...
  13. D

    Police driving standards & attitude

    Hi, I've just had a run-in with the local constabulary that has left me fuming :mad: . I had just picked my wife and son up from our local railway station and we were returning home. The route took us up a hill past Greenwich Park and past a school where there is an elaborate "traffic calming"...
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