1. R

    Seems to shudder in low gear at low speed or when accelerating from standing start

    E class 2008 Seems to shudder in low gear at low speed or when accelerating from standing start
  2. Makdissy

    Standing underneath the car has made my day

    Hi guys, Today my A124 went for MOT test and as the guy was inspecting underneath the car I was there too ( don't ask why !! ) I guess I love seeing every bit of my car especially the parts that I don't usually see, anyway long story short I asked the guy if everything looks in good shape and...
  3. F

    Misfire after standing for 10 days

    Went on holiday for 10 days and when we came back my C350 CDI had a terrible misfire, felt like it was running on 3 cylinders, luckily it cleared up after about a mile. Is this normal or should I have it looked at? Been running fine ever since, so not sure why this occurred.
  4. Alex

    Self defence and standing your ground: your view?

    This has been on my mind for some time now: you're in your bedroom upstairs when you realise someone's breaking in to your house in the middle of the night. Your next move... My wife's "plan" is to barricade the door with a bed (which is on castors, I must add) and call the police. But what if...
  5. goaldy

    W114 Engine cuts out when standing still??

    Hello all, Very new to forums, i have a 1972 280 CE Coupe (W114.072), and it drives very nicely. However, when i come to a stop, or when the car is standing still, it shudders/shakes and cuts out. It is fine when the car is moving or in neutral, however standing still in Drive or reverse...
  6. developer

    I'm still standing........

    Tonight is my 4th night on here without being thrown off by the gremlins. Happy days (well, for now at least) :thumb:
  7. D

    Last Man Standing

    In our house anyway. Partner started with flu yesterday, daughter woke up with tummy ache art2AM and promptly vomited copiously over my shoulders. I followed suit later on in the morning. What a joy this week has become already... Only thing I can keep down is a glass of ice cubes, that are...
  8. P

    E250TD no turbo wisle/boost, after standing over winter, and total batery discharge

    Hi, I had my merc standing for over 3moth, without touching it, and battery was totaly discharged, replaced the battery, started it up, like it was started a day ago :) but i was drive it and noticed thats no boost, and i'm not hearing turbo spinn, like it was before. Wondering if its in some...
  9. Alfie

    Ryanair standing 'seats' - £4 plus £1 for the toilet

    Unbelieveable - Ryanair to sell standing room only tickets for £4... funded by charging passengers to use the toilet | Mail Online This just re-affirms my belief that ryanair are the lowest quality, naffest, chavvy airline ever!
  10. T

    Last Man Standing

    Ok it 03:49AM & theres only ME & Big Sean left standing ....................... WIMPS yer all off to yer beds are ya!!!!!
  11. M

    2004 E270 CDI, water standing

    Hi guys, ive got a 2004 (54) E270 CDI Avantgarde, when opening the bonnet today ive noticed that there is a small pool of water standing in the little grill where the wiper elbow joins the arm. There is a drain there but it seems to be blocked, ive poked stuff down there but dont seem to be...
  12. whitenemesis

    Last Man Standing

    Last Man Standing? Slow in here tonite? Am I the last man standing? :rolleyes:
  13. R

    Power loss after standing ?

    Help please. I have a C180 Auto (1997) which starts 1st time everytime, but after standing (overnight for instance) it pulls away fine in the first couple of gears, then when due to change again dies on me almost to a standstill then suddenly away we go and drives normally for the rest of the...
  14. R

    A class accelerator failure due standing water

    Our S reg A class Elegance 1.8 semi automatic has lost power totally a few times in standing water (not flood) road conditions, so that the accelerator simply stops driving the car. This has previously happened when the car was moving off eg from a queue at a roundabout, and was merely...
  15. pammy

    Why men pee standing up!!!

    God was just about done creating man, but he had two things left over in his bag and He couldn't quite decide how to split them between Adam and Eve. He thought He might just as well ask them. He told them one of the things He had left was a thing that would allow the owner to pee while...
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