1. bob6600

    Halfords 3T Ratchet Axle Stands Half Price @£14.99

    Might be of use for someone, I have a set of these and they are good. Halfords Website eBay link
  2. S

    Jacking up rear of W212 and axle stands

    Just in case this is of any use, I had all my wheels off to paint calipers at the weekend. I used the jacking pad mid engine to place an axle stand under the front, but could not find anything similar on the rear. In the end, i jacked up each side and placed axle stands as shown in the pics...
  3. B

    Jack stands

    Hi all, I have a 2004 c class estate, had it 18 months. It's got an annoying rattle underneath at the rear, it's not the exhaust. I've bought a trolley jack and jack stands, my question is where do the jack stands go. Your help would be much appreciated. Brent
  4. JohnnyAMG

    Getting an SL R230 up on jack stands.

    So I have booked my alloys in for a refurb....The only problem now is I now need to get them off the car. I live in a flat with an underground garage with very limited access to tools. I was hoping to use the jack in the boot and 4 small jack stands I bought but I am not very confident with...
  5. A

    Axle stands on AMG

    Hi I'm after swapping the fronts to backs and can't find anywhere I can put the axle stands. My car is a A250 with AMG kit. I've figured out the jacking points, you have to pull out a couple of covers to access the lift points, but with the underside of the car completely covered with paneling...
  6. A

    Trolley jack and axel stands

    Been looking round for a good deal on a combo set and this is the best one I found, if anybody else is after a set check out screwfix Never thought they did anything like that. Cheers Ben :thumb:
  7. bob6600

    Halfords Advanced 3 Tonne Ratchet Axle Stands £14

    Less than half price, just ordered a set even though I don't need them :thumb: CLICKY
  8. MancMike

    Would you trust these "My Liftstand" ratcheting car stands?

    I saw these, and while they look really good, I suppose I'd have to inspect the mechanism myself to trust them not to just drop while in use... What do you think? Would you get under a car held up by these? I can't help feeling I'd want to throw a block of wood under each before rolling...
  9. L

    W202 - Axle stands under all four jack points

    Just a quick one... Is it considered safe to to put the car on four axle stands, one under each rubber jack point? I have two trolley jacks and a total of 8 axle stands kicking about. I just want to check my method seems ok on the W202.. 1. Jack up the front using the cross member type...
  10. astamir

    Whats the ET stands for on the wheels

    Hi guys What's the ET letters stands for on the wheels I have 18" 9.5 ET23 at the back 8.5 ET25 at the front on my clk55 w208 It looks the front wheels sticking out a bit the backs just ok Is it the right size wheels on my car? Thanks in advance guys
  11. J

    Which bottle jack & ratchet stands

    As above, in preparation for replacing rear brake pads on my 2004 ML, any recommendations greatly received.
  12. M

    SLK 350 jacking up to place axle stands

    Hi, new to SLK and want to change front pads. has anyone got any picture of where to jack the car up to place axle stands on the jacking points, or other way around
  13. D

    winter storage - axel stands or tyre saver things?

    Its time for the old ce to hibernate till spring. I could really do with it rolling as I have a few things to do in the garage and around the car. I usually put it up on stands but wounder if those floor pads that curve the tyres are any good. Has anyone used them? Scott
  14. ringway

    A great alternative to axle stands.

    I like these. Anyone tried them? cXCvq6DNJi0&feature=related
  15. X

    C220 CDI BlueEff 2010 How to use trolley jack and axle stands

    Hi guys I am having difficulty figuring out how to jack up the c220 2010 blue eff sport and put it on axle stands. Can someone guide me on how to do it. Where do i put the trolley and where do i put the axle jacks. Purpose is to do my first routine oil change by removing from sump.
  16. cws196

    W203 estate > where to place axle stands?

    As above, are there any specific points to place axle stands? Obviously can't use the jack points on the sills, but can't see anywhere else obvious to use (looked at the bottom of the spring cup/suspension arm, but doesn't look safe).
  17. iandj

    Car ramps/ axle stands

    Hi all, I have a w209, and was trying to find a place to put axle stands.. It seems on most of the jobs I need to do requires the wheels off. And not having a car ramp seems to be a problem. Any ideas?

    Kef 2005, 5.1 Surround System with Kef PSW2000 Subwoofer, two Kef stands, cables

    On ebay: kef 2005, 5.1 Surround System with Kef PSW2000 Subwoofer, two Kef stands, cables 0637203016028 | eBay Some details: This is a Kef 2005.2 in Silver, which consists of: 5 satellite speakers - 'eggs' 1 PSW2000 active subwoofer (finished in a beautiful graphite grey) 2 genuine Kef...
  19. Koolvin

    Pair Axle Stands £9.99

    LIDL Made from iron Foldable legs for space-saving storage 3-stage height adjustment: approx. (cm): 27.6 / 32.3 / 36.3 2000kg capacity per stand Instructions included 2 year manufacturer’s warranty
  20. flat6buster

    Axle Stands

    Pair of axle stands yours for free if you collect from Swindon or Cirecncster. Never used. Will courier at cost.
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