1. S

    E320 CDI 2002 near Stansted - probably not to bad but some advice needed on problems

    Hi, After the horrow car in Peterborough I lookd at another E320CDI Estate of about 10 years. Mercedes-Benz E Class E320 CDi Avantgarde 5dr Tip Auto Diesel Estate, 132K miles, with service history...
  2. garystu1965

    Parking advice near Stansted

    Hello peeps, Me and the missus are flying to Athens from Stansted on the monring of the 12th Sept. We will driving down the night before and probably staying in Bishop's Stortford. What's the best plan for parking ? We will be away just over a week and these parking companies are charging...
  3. C

    Mototechnic in Dunmow, near Stansted Airport

    Hi Took my C36 W202 to the guys below this week for a B service, MOT and a couple of niggles and was very impressed by their service, attention to detail and pricing. They are Bosch specialists so can get into the ecu of most Mercs (and other makes too) and, most importantly to me, actually...
  4. C240Sport97

    Parking at Stansted Airport

    Need to leave the car for 4 days. Any suggestions on where to park. There are 'Meet & Greet' services, which are reasonable, but not sure I want to let them drive my car. Anyone used these services before? Thanks!
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