1. C

    whos got star at home

    hello, was wondering how many of you have bought some version of star for DIY use? I think KilleHertz has? assuming people are buying second hand set ups? what exactly would I need for the CLS?
  2. A

    Facelift W211 aftermarket grill (big star)

    Hi guys, This came on my car and i've reverted to the stock item. £50 collected from ilford, essex. If you want it posted pm me and i'll get a price! W211 grill by Abdul Chowdhury, on Flickr W211 grill by Abdul Chowdhury, on Flickr As fitted to my car, fitment was very good and all tabs...
  3. AngryDog

    W211 rear Mercedes star for boot, saloon.

    Anyone got one kicking about that they want to sell?
  4. D

    Clk w209 front grill mercedes star

    Wanted front grill star for my clk 2005 diameter 16 cm
  5. A

    GPS DVD Unit replacement and STAR

    Hi It looks like my gps dvd unit on my 2005 cls has failed - no power and disc won't eject. Have checked fuse and wiring so suspect it is dead. If I get a replacement unit will it need to be recode for my car using STAR? I know you have to do this for other electronic items and wondered...
  6. D

    Advice and tips when purchasing MB Star Diagnostic tool?

    Thank you for reading my post, Are there reputable places to buy an MB Star? I have seen a lot of non-genuine ones in ebay, but I have read review that they tend to go wrong after awhile. How much should I be looking to pay for a new or used genuine one, and are there particular things I...
  7. L

    W166 -ML350 Bluetec Air Filter replacement - STAR required ?

    I cannot seem to find a definitive answer to this when searching via Google... I replaced the air filters on both sides myself - does the car need to be advised via STAR that these have been replaced ? Have got a MBII and there is no option in this to perform this - when looking online, some...
  8. D

    Star diagnostics in a Forfar scotland

    Just had car checked over on Star, well pleased with expertise of owner on Mercedes cars. Not all good news for me but at least I know someone competent to put car right and not at main dealer prices. | Sandemans Cars | Market Street, Forfar, DD8 3EQ Scotland | Tel: 01307 463483 |...
  9. S

    Mercedes, star, das

    Hi there I own a 2007 w221 320 cdi and have a few faults which have recently been deleted. Cost me £60! I was thinking of buying a Merc Star das for myself to save on diagnostics. Which one should I be looking for? And what sort of price should I be paying. Thanks
  10. M

    Upright Star Emblem for Bonnet - CLS

    Hi Does anyone know if its possible to remove the flat Mercedes emblem badge from the bonnet and fit an upright / 3d version to a 2014 CLS? Are they all the same size or do they vary depending on model of merc? I have just recently purchased a CLS after having an E-Class with this type of...
  11. RickyBurrows

    Thoughts on the 211 star badge grill? Yes or no?

    So I've recently updated the front of my car I was never convinced on the star badge grill but after I colour coded it and the theme of the car being silver and black it looked better than I thought I'm not sure putting the original grill back on painted gloss black (no chrome on the car) would...
  12. N

    M Star in Radcliffe ,Manchester

    Hi Guys, has anybody used these guys in Radcliffe for car servicing? They were recommended to me as a Mercedes specialist. Just want to know if there are any good /bad reports about them. Regards Rob.
  13. 3ayg

    Looking For STAR in Rotherham / Sheffield Area

    Hi All, I am in need of STAR in the Rotherham or Sheffield area. Can anyone recommend an indie? Cheers in advance!
  14. A

    2008 C Class sport coupe - grill star

    Hi everyone, I have a 2008 C Class sport coupe (Not sure if its a W203 or a CL 203) I want to take the grill off and paint it, but first remove the shiny star so it doesnt get mucked up. How do you remove the star from the grill? Thanks
  15. V

    is Star a reliable system

    is Star as system that works I have all sorts of problems star has checked the system twice now with no faults what is the point in a system that cannot find fault so far with posts it seem a case of change things a see it it solves the problem good for Mercedes but not good for customer. Was...
  16. -AJC-

    STAR service near Billingshurst, West Sussex

    Does anyone know of any mobile STAR service in the West Sussex/Surrey area? We have a W164 ML needing some agony aunt consultation time! Thanks
  17. Kip W211

    Star Diagnostic

    Hi guys Anyone know someone in Salisbury area who has Star Diagnostic? Of course, this person needs to know what he is doing. Someone worthy of recommendation. Many thanks
  18. H

    Star of fleebay

    Hi will a star machine bought of fleebay code a new front sam for my w164 ML320 Thanks
  19. M

    Pointed star bonnet emblem

    Hello forum friends... My 2015 E350 has a flat bonnet badge in the 44mm bonnet recess. I want to replace it with an upright bonnet star. The current flat badge is held tight beneath the bonnet by a spring clip which is dead easy to squeeze together and lift the badge out. Does anyone know...
  20. T

    Defacing / Restyling my W202 - big blingy w208 star grill

    Defacing / Restyling my W202 - big blingy w209 star grill Morning all, Apologies for opening the can and getting worms.... ....everywhere. I want to either do a w209 frameless grill conversion (with biiiig star) or Avantgarde/S600 grille on my W202. The stock grill has covered many miles...
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