1. D

    Starbucks: What a rip-off!

    I was feeling a bit parched earlier and happened to be passing Starbucks so I thought I'd call in for a cup of Rosy-Lee only to find they charge £5 for a pot! So I went to my local greasy spoon cafe where they did me a pot for £2! Came out smelling of chip fat but at least I saved a...
  2. Bobby Dazzler

    Tried Starbucks Verismo™ Coffee yet?

    We've tried most of the pod style coffee machines over the years, but I still prefer my old stove top espresso pot and Mrs D favours a cafetiere. The new Starbucks Verismo™ has caught my eye though - anyone tried one yet? The Verismo
  3. Spinal


    I'm a little embarassed to post this being Italian... but I've lost a bet and am at even more of a loss when it comes to the starbucks chain! So now, I need to bring her to "the best starbucks in London"... problem is, I've only ever been to one starbucks, once in New York... and never went...
  4. marcos


    Some people are just beyond help.
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