1. wickedcricket

    How many stars have You lost already?

    Woke up this morning, off to work I go and some twunt pull out the "Crosshair" from my hood! :mad::mad::mad: I am just sitting here and thinking to get a new one on amazon and sharpening it like a razor and wait to see the blood marks. Seriously is this some kind of 3rd world country we live...
  2. BillyW124

    End of season Stars & Cars 2015 to be staged in Mercedes-Benz Arena Stuttgart for the

    Does anyone know if this is a ticket event?? I'm planning on visiting..:thumb:
  3. ioweddie

    IOW family new unexpected internet stars A FAMILY on the Isle of Wight have become unexpected internet stars after a video of them lip-syncing to hit songs became a Facebook favourite. From the Frozen smash hit Let it Go and the Spongebob Squarepants’ theme, to Michael Jackson’s Thriller and...
  4. M

    Is it possible to judge condition of auto transmission with stars data?

    Hi Guy's, Still looking into the purchase of ML270. I have found one that on the face of it looks pretty good (I believe) the paper work, history and receipts look good. Some of the major parts that are common problems have been addressed (inlet manifold, rear springs, transmission conductor...
  5. W4E300

    Thanking my lucky stars

    Whilst heading up one of our main motorways last week at around 11:00, I was tailed at speed in a spirited fashion(!) by a Jaguar xk. The road was pretty clear and we we both 'enjoying ourselves' a bit .... We both flew passed a Skoda Octavia in the left hand lane, driven by a guy in a white...
  6. S

    bonnet stars interchangable

    I was looking at a W202 yesterday, which has a flat emblem rather than a star - would the star off my W201 fit?
  7. G

    New Guy on the block with a few three pointed stars cars

    Hi all. Just putting in an intro here as required. Gary from Wales, keen MB enthusiast with only two on fleet currently. 1998 C230 K Sport Manual in White (143) 1991 190E was a 1.8 now a 2.8 24v Brabus B5 upgraded animal Have a large amount of MB knowledge and am happy to help anybody with a...
  8. The Boss

    Thanks to Danny from Cars with Stars

    Whilst away on my 2 week trip, i had my car transported over to Danny at Cars with Stars. He has done a tremendous job on repairing all the windows, replacing all motors and regulators.. just to make it perfect again, realigning all windows etc.. new antenna to add to the list. He is in my...
  9. pamrit

    Man City Stars fined over illegal tinted windows

    Looks like they tightening up on the law, but what's £30 to this lot! Five Manchester City stars have been fined by police who spotted their vehicles' tinted windows were too dark as they arrived at training. Shay Given, Kolo Toure, Shaun Wright-Phillips, Patrick Vieira and Stephen Ireland...
  10. Gucci

    Straightening stranger's bonnet stars

    Somebody along our road has a W203 with the bonnet poking over their driveway. Obviously too much temptation for "an idiot" to twist their bonnet star. I feel compelled to straighten it...but what if it were damaged and I bust it off!?! An E-Class pulled up at the lights with a bent over...
  11. N

    Bonnet Stars

    I have several of two kinds: The 50 mm blue laurel base bonnet mounted ones as found on W202s, W210s, late W124s etc, &, The grille mounted ones as found on W201s, W126s, pre - facelift W124s & probably more. They're genuine, used & may have tiny marks from being out in the elements for 10+...
  12. The Boss


    Hello. I just have to write to say my total appreciate to Danny. He owns and is the chief mechanic at Cars with Stars, and on recently giving him my W124 cabrio, the guy treated the car with total respect and the work done was amazing, comprehensive. Namely, my roof had frozen after changing...
  13. Spinal

    eBay Stars

    So I got a letter in the post (yes, snail-mail, hand-delivered, printed-on chopped-trees type letter) from eBay mentioning something about being a valued member of eBay... In return, I got a £10 voucher (quite appreciated; it just paid for another wallet :p) and a "special" number to call...
  14. kwakdonut

    Bonnet Stars - Price Increase!!

    As it appears to be a problem that quite a few of us have encountered (almost a whole year until this weekend!) had a little scrote take too much of a liking to my bonnet badge and although he didn't get it, managed to break the mech so now its gone all floppy! Fnarr..... Anyways, after...
  15. U

    Meguires Shining Stars Web Site!!

    got round to washing and claying my car for the first time the other day, have to say im very pleased with the results!!! excellent! i also got it featured on the Meguires Shining Stars web site!! check it out!
  16. N

    W124 & W201 Bonnet stars

    I have several oem MB bonnet stars for W124 or W201 models (they're the same) if anyone needs one. £9 posted anywhere in the UK. PM an email addy, I'll send you a photo & you can decide if you want one.
  17. R

    Osram Silver stars

    Just by way of an update, I fitted silver stars in my headlights and main beam about two years ago. I chose them as Autoexpress said they were excellent. At the same time I fitted piaa extremes but only in the side lights. I also fitted silver indicators. Yesterday one of my headlights blew...
  18. MikeL

    Stolen Bonnet Stars

    I found a use for the bit that is left behind when the scrotes nick your star - an abstract pen holder, seemed to good to sling! Mike
  19. Anil

    Osram Silver Stars

    Hi, I'm getting some H7 Osram Silver Stars for £19 per pair for my C200K and the wife's A140. Is anyone interested in getting some for their car? I could post them on to you (add a couple of quid for postage). Let me know. Cheers, Anil
  20. D

    manifolds, boost valves, and merc stars

    hi all......newbie 1989 w201 190e 2ltr manual driver here 1) pleased as punch with my black ride....and have blinged it to the max....but tastefully...( proud pic to follow shortly)....however may have blinged it too much for someones taste coz they busted off the hood star.....lm looking for...
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