1. Jalalul

    Wiring Diagram For Starter 2009 C200 Cdi Auto

    Has anyone got a wiring diagram or know where I can go to get one For the starter on a c200 cdi auto 2009
  2. T

    Starter breakdown

    2009 W221 S320 CDI, 26000 mls. Gentlemen, I had to be transported home last night. Symptoms : Turn the key, everything lights up ok on the dash. Turn the key to start -- nothing. No sound from the starter or solenoid and no slight dimming of the dash lights. The battery and auxiliary...
  3. 056bob

    r129 starter problem

    Not sure if this is right post I have an R129 which was running fine I disconected the battery and charged it while working on the roof (topping up hydraulic fluid) now the battery is fully charged all the lights come on but the car will not crank any ideas would be much appreciated Stewart
  4. C

    V220 starter motor removal

    Hi all, Just received a new starter motor for the wifes v220 and had a little look tonight. Anybody have any advice re replacing it? I can get the 2 bolts out that hold it in place but getting to wiring to remove it, and I'm assuming it'll be a struggle getting the wires back o the new one...
  5. R

    no power to internal fuse board non starter

    Hope someone can help. I have inherited my late fathers c class 270cdi On starting the car it was running and then a shorting out sort of sound and the car stopped running and I now have no power to the internal fuse board in the side of dash and although I have dash lights and radio works and...
  6. ivandraganov

    W203 220cdi starter motor problems

    My Mercedes started playing up upon start.Somtimes cranks first time ,sometime there is just clicking noise nothing happens..
  7. M

    W124 OM602 non starter

    I just got delivery of a non-starting W124 with 300k on the clock today. It's a 1990 normally aspirated OM602, but is a non-runner. It's literally a 'barn find' - it's been kept in a barn for the past 4 years and was fine when laid up, so I was hoping to find clogged fuel filters and...
  8. C

    S600 (w220) starter jammed! Any advice?

    Hello, I'm hoping that some knowledgeable soul might be able to offer some advice...? Drive my car today 1.5miles to local post office ten minutes later came back out to the car and it wouldn't start, I can hear the solenoid click into place but that's it. RAC have been out to the car...
  9. M

    Help! ---CLK 320 cdi --no reaction to turning key to crank starter position

    Hi all, 1st time for donkeys years I've benn stuck by a car which wont go ! :confused:Car parked up a week ago after 160 mile trip. I've never had this issue previously. Battery just a bit on the low side but is on charge right now. All dash lightrs as bright as normal and do not dim...
  10. Justin1600

    W210 E55 AMG Starter motor

    A starter motor removed from a 1999 w210 E55 AMG £50
  11. C

    AMG Starter kit

    So true;)
  12. M

    Ml 270 cdi starter motor problems

    Hello forum, I have a Mercedes Benz ML 270 CDI 2002. From about 3-4 month's i have very big problems with my car, more exactly with my starter motor. Every 2 weeks it breaks and i have to change it, my mechanics don't know what is the problem, I live in Romania so i can't send my car in...
  13. M

    Only click-sound from starter W208

    My CLK 1999 hasn't been in use for months. I put a new battery in yesterday and tried to start. All lights on dashboard were bright and just a click from the starter. Just as bright when I turned the ignition switch. This winter I had some moisture on the rear shelf and the speakers stopped...
  14. brucemillar

    Petrol Lawn Mower Electric Starter

    Thinking of buying one? Drop me a pm. I have a brand new one for sale which I will sell to a member at 50% discount £250 It is not stolen or dodgy in any way. Machine is in Kent. It is a circular cutter on wheels with a grass catcher and has a big cut. It is not a toy. Sent from my iPhone...
  15. Andy730

    A140 - location of K3 starter lock out relay??

    Hi, My wife has a 2002 A140L and it has a problem starting every morning. I've fitted a new battery but that didn't help much. I've read as much as i can about the issues this car might have in relation to the starter motor, mainly from I'm now trying to check...
  16. B

    Recommendations for new detailing starter kit?

    After a longer than expected wait I should collect my C63S on Saturday. Having subjected my current car to the horrors of my local Romanian hand car washing service (with predictable swirly results), I think I should start as I mean to go on and always clean the new car myself. This seems like...
  17. A

    Vito Starter motor constantly running. Kicks in while driving

    Hi everyone, I’m in a desperate need for some help. In a nutshell: the new starter motor kicks back in and starts running while driving the van! I stop the van, turn the ignition off, take the key out and it’s still running. I have to disconnect the battery lead to stop the starter motor...
  18. W

    Thoughts on AFTERMARKET starter battery?

    Hi all, As many of you know, some Mercs (e.g. mid-00s S & SL) have 2 batteries - one for engine starter, one for other things. The starter battery is a 35ah AGM battery of a proprietary size, so it's only available from Merc for a lot of money (over £200). However recently I've found...
  19. Virusuk

    Starter Ignition problem wont crank.

    Hi people Got a problem with my W221 320 CDI 2007 motor wont crank. So fare scanned with Launch no faults found. On ignition nothing happens. Carried out battery tests solid 12V consumer and start. Bad earth eliminated by jump leads connected to engine. Nothing. One thing noticed on Launch...
  20. C

    High torque starter motor

    Hi guys. The starter motor on my w114 280ce is starting to turn over really slow occasionally (battery voltage and wiring is fine). I'm going to replace it and fancied a bit of an upgrade. I'm looking at this high torque starter and just wanted any thoughts or advice before I buy. WOSP...
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