1. bigp271

    W210 e220 cdi starting issues.

    Hi guys. I've been lurking for a while and I must apologise for going straight in with a help post!! I'm after some technical advice. Been having a starting issue with my e220 cdi. If the car is parked facing up hill overnight then it normally takes ages of continuous cranking to get it to...
  2. Adamccc

    19" Genuine Mercedes AMG Alloy Wheels [RRP £5,610.39] - £0.99 Starting bid!

    19" Genuine Mercedes AMG Alloy Wheels in Satin Black Listed these on eBay with a 99p starting bid - so grab a bargain if you fancy EBAY LINK ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------- These came from the factory on my CLS63 AMG and have only...
  3. N

    e55 amg not starting

    hi guys in need of some wisdom, just tried to start my car but it wont start i have a warning light in red reduced braking etc start car, the clock is doing rounds and wont stop. doing a google search found this may be a battery issue is this correct?
  4. L

    Hot starting problem on '02 S210 E320 diesel

    A chap who works for me was telling me yesterday he has a mysterious starting problem on his '02 E320 diesel which I thought I'd post on here to see if anybody has any ideas. When cold it starts first time, every time, but in warmer weather, like now, it still starts ok when cold but as soon...
  5. F

    W211 '04 E55 - KeyLess Go Starting fail after front SAM Replacement

    Hi guys I'm experiencing a strange problem on my '04 E55, and any kind of help will be appreciated. The story : few months ago, my front right turn signal stopped to work; first I thinked about the headlight, but after some search i found that was the front SAM module need a replace. So I...
  6. C

    2003 SL500 not starting

    Hi My SL500 had been stood doing nothing for a year. Put new batteries on it and jobs a goodun, started up. Fast forward a week, and it won't start. Everything sounds like it should, turn the key and get a single crank noise then nothing. I disconnected the batteries today and...
  7. CLSMark

    Trouble starting

    This morning it's refusing to start properly. It's cranking then very lazily starting at low revs, like it's about to cut out. Then seems to be ok. Any ideas anybody? Sent from my Apple product using Crapatalk
  8. J

    Starting off with a DB9 comparison

    Hi, so I picked up my new to me C63 coupe a month ago and thought I'd share my experiences. I previously had a BMW Z4MC, an amazing drivers car and I could talk about its virtues all day long but to compare the two is apples and oranges. Instead I'm lucky enough to have extensive use of a MY2008...
  9. M

    W210 E320 CDI Starting issues.

    Hi guys I'm new here and have been lurking in the shadows for a while reading a lot of your posts. So just a quick introduction then I have a little problem I'm hoping you may be able to help out with. I'm 27 from leeds and have just bought my 3rd Mercedes and tee driving a few sweede's...
  10. M

    slk 230 98 model starting problem

    Hi all, all the warning light come on all sounds fine, and the engine electric fan comes on at full belt. the starter is dead when turning the key, the K40 relay, is there a starter circuit in there? also cannot hear the fuel pump, have wiggled the gearshift around as I thought it could be the...
  11. S

    C320 CDI Cold starting troubles

    Hi all, I love my Merc, it's my first and I'm completely smitten. However it's gotten reluctant to start, the colder it the more reluctant to start the car is. For the previous 4-5 weeks the glow-plug light has been staying on for about a minute or so, but was starting beautifully. I do have a...
  12. snowshredder

    2003 SL 350 starting problem

    had the car 12 months and now i'm getting problems starting it after short runs, starts outside house but after short run it won't fire up just turning over, had this a few times now, left it a while and tried again a few times over and eventually it started up, the other day i was outside a...
  13. BigRussJepson

    A208 Clk200 2001 wont crank. Starting intermittent.

    Hi, This has probs been partly covered but........ So, I have a 2001 clk 200 komp cabrio with 95000 miles on her. Last week I came to it at 07.00 am (10 degrees c temp) and she wouldnt crank, the previous night it had been running for at least an hour and i drive her at least 400 miles a...
  14. 1

    CLS 55 not starting

    Hi guys, hope someone can help me with a problem i came across today. Never had any start up issues before, took the car out today parked and returned to the car and it wouldn't start. It had power and was cranking the engine but just wouldn't start. No warning messages on the dash...
  15. S

    C180 Starting Problems.

    Hi. My 1998 C180 petrol engined fails to start. The battery has been off the car for three months while its parked in long term car park in Spain. The battery is fully charged up, and the engine turns over, but fails to fire up. There is fuel in it. Would it be the immobilizer? I was hoping...
  16. M

    W211 Instrument cluster fades after starting

    I have a 2004 W211 E220 mercedes. The instrument display in the middle (right temp gauge & left side ok) fades out almost completely after 3-4 mins of starting the car. If run off and on again same process, fades after starting. I have carly for mercedes app. there is an error AGW -...
  17. D

    Mercedes Vito 111 not starting! [VIDEO]

    Hi guys, Recently bought a Mercedes Vito 111 53 plate, and I must say as a Merc newbie it's been amazing. There's only one problem. The thing doesn't start with either key (spare and main). I've checked the battery and it's fully charged, drove 6 hours on a trip and turned it off and tried to...
  18. S

    Mercedes Sprinter 308 cdi starting problem.

    Hi the van was running fine, and then it wouldn't start. I put the key in ignition, all the lights in the dashboard would light up, but I turned the key to start it but nothing happens. I checked the starting motor, but its working fine. There's no error on the dashboard. Does anyone know...
  19. Nasco12

    W202 Not starting

    OK, so it did start in the end but it took a few goes. I have been kind of expecting this. For a few months now it has now and then been running rough on start up. Not for very long. It calms down after about 30 seconds or so. This seems to happen most often when it is cold and/or wet. I have...
  20. timwood2000

    R Class - starting problems - any thoughts?

    For a while now, when starting from cold, the engine turns over fine, but doesn't start for about 8-10 seconds, followed by a small cloud of dark exhaust fumes at the back. It hasn't got worse (or better), but starts fine when warmed up. Batteries are fairly new. Any ideas what the...
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