1. L

    Unhappy cold starts w163 270ML cdi

    Hi As winter creeps in we're getting the odd frosty morning. My 270 ML cdi starts perfectly on a mild day and even if left for 5 or so days but hates starting when frosty. Ive changed the glow plugs buts thats not made much of a difference is any. Any other ideas? Cheers Louis
  2. O

    C220 cdi, starts but won't run

    My W203 c220cdi (2000 year) has developed a fault: starts easy, but won't then run for more than about 10 seconds. If when it has started I press the accelerator it does not respond and stops. I have found this thread How to change plastic fuel lines on CDI engine - Mercedes-Benz Owners'...
  3. bh13coupe

    M104 Starts then falters when dropping to idle

    Hi Guys I have some serious issues with my M104 maintaining tickover. I can get the car started no problems and the car goes to the immediate higher RPM (approx 1100 RPM). What I am experiencing next is the RPM then drops down to tickover 600RPM as normal and then the car conks out. It...
  4. C

    W124 '92 230E - Starts then stalls

    My son just bought an old W124 (230e) saloon with several faults, and I am trying to help him to get this car back on the road (I have had several W210's, a couple of W126's and currently I am the proud (?) owner of a W163, but I never touched a W124 before now...) First of all, there was the...
  5. C

    CLK 270 CDi starts but dies

    Hi all, My 270 CLK CDi started one morning but immediately died after about 2 seconds, I had the car recovered and the garage replaced the fuel filter, fuel pump and fuel pipes attached to the pump. They delivered the car back and it was fine all day using it and I started and stopped about 5...
  6. M

    Starts and dies

    Has always ran good, pulled the car into garage took the positive battery cable off cleaned it put it back on now the car starts and dies. I need help please. 1999 SL500 63,853 miles
  7. John

    W211 music stops and starts by itself.

    I've had this once or twice before - and put it down to power issues. The music, regardless of whether from the CDC or DVD stops for 4 seconds, and then starts again. It normally goes away by itself but so far, has been happening for two days now and remains. It doesn't matter whether...
  8. D

    r129 sl 500.. engine cuts out when hot, starts when cold

    Hi there Peeps, Any top mechanic or a person who had the similar issue as my car!, its frustrating as i got a new engine put it. one of the mercedes specialist has check it and said it the fuel distributor but that costs a bomb. other forums say its a FUEL PRESSURE REGULATOR. FYI i...
  9. M

    mercedes starts missing & jerking in the morning for few minutes

    Hi, I hope everybody is very well, I have bought mercedes c200 cdi 2004 2.2 diesel two weeks ago but when i start the car in the morning, i leave the car for 10minutes to get warmed up as it's diesel & been told by somebody (never drove diesel before) After leaving the car warmed up, when...
  10. A

    c124 starts but then dies....please help!!

    Hi I recently bought a 1989 300E 24V coupe in black, what a car...but I went away for a week and came back and it now wont run. The last time I used it it seemed to misfire occasionally but now it starts briefly then dies, like its run out of fuel although theres fuel in it. I bought the car...
  11. M

    2010 E350 CDI, Cold Starts

    Hi all, Ive recently had my coil pack (Last 3 months) and glow plugs (last 3 weeks) done.... still feels like she struggles to start up on cold mornings... only the first start of the day? Any ideas what to try next? Up to 93000 miles now and Im going to be keeping this for another 100k...
  12. J

    A140 starts first turn off key' then cuts out

    Hi all, new to the forum and looking for some help. wife has a 2000 A140 petrol, was running fine up to a week ago, now the car starts on the turn off the key as it should' but dies away after a few seconds, if you pump the fuel pedal it will keep running but cuts out when you stop pumping...
  13. D

    w124 starts but instantly dies

    I have a 200te 1993 and it started to intermittently cut out. Then the other day it started but instantly died, every time it started it would just die. In the end I just kept the starter turning as it fired and died continually and it started. Its done this a few times now. Its a petrol auto
  14. DanMorgan

    R129 300SL 24v - Starts then immediately dies

    Not having much luck at the moment, got a W124 300 thats not starting and now my R129 is starting to play up :wallbash: It takes a while to start, with my foot hard to the floor and once it eventually starts, it dies straight away. I had a rare occassion where it stayed on and I went on a...
  15. D

    1989 r107 300sl Starts but wont idle.

    Hello Mercedes enthusiasts i hope this finds you well. My 1989 300sl has developed a bewildering display of non/poor running symptoms and having spent the last few days learning/studying all about the ke jetronic system im well informed but still slightly confused as to the exact fault so...
  16. ricardo62

    e320 starts then stops

    hi I don't think I will get a answer , but if anyone has a idea as to why just recently my e320 diesel is starting in the morning then just cutting out ie the engine dies , if I leave it for 5 mins it cranks over trys to fire but wont , eventually it will start , a bit lumpy but settle down ...
  17. R

    The Journey starts here...

    Hello and a big thank you to all MBC forum contributors for the wealth of knowledge I've already obtained from this site free of charge. I hope i'm not going to start annoying the big guns with my mundane newbie questions, however its probably inevitable I'll ask a few threadenders along the...
  18. D

    car starts and dies

    Got merc w123 280e 1982 . Car starts but then dies battery fine seem to be getting fuel and sparking was running when got it but since welded and put back together got this problem any ideas? Thanks in advance
  19. R

    Engine starts better...

    ...facing down slope rather than up...why? My car is starting to take rather too many cranks to start first thing. I have noticed that it takes fewer cranks when I face it down the drive rather than up.
  20. 1

    my 1992 190e carat du chat, starts badly.

    hi I have 2 1992 mercs in great condition(no rust on or under either) a 190e carat du chat' and a 200t estate both have same 2 litre engine etc and both have same problem....when starting they fire on the button but run lumpy almost as if running on 2 cyl's,both normally pick up fine as soon...
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