1. S

    Help, W123 shakes foron startup

    Help, W123 shakes on startup Hello, I am fairly new to this forum and this is my first post. About a month ago I acquired a 1985 w123 230e with 66k on the clock which is a pleasure to drive. In the last week, every time I start it in the morning it starts without a problem but then the revs...
  2. Wabby

    Clunking noise from passenger air vent on startup

    Anybody any suggestions before I throw it back @ the dealer to look at? 2017 c250d coupe. When start the car, and start moving, I get what sounds like a motor trying to move something quiet loudly coming from the passenger vent (nearest the door). After 10 seconds or so, it stops and is...
  3. B

    190E funny noise on engine startup

    Hello, this is my first post, so go easy on me! Well yesterday i bought my first Merc. it's a Silver 1990 190E I am really happy with it but would like to know if anybody knows what this noise is when i start the car. I would describe it as a faint honking/dog growling sound but see...
  4. J

    Judder when startup - diesel

    Hi All I bought a 2013 Mercedes-Benz B Class B200 CDI SE Auto a few months back and i`ve noticed recently that theres a quite a strong judder when the engine starts. Is this normal ? not sure if its the colder weather we have now or something is wrong. Thanks in advance John
  5. 4

    S210 Startup roar

    Hi all, newbie here. Had a number of C Class estates, for even more space I now have an old E Class. Not 'interesting old', it's a 2000 model E240 (2.4 engine) in pretty good shape, bought it with 98,000 miles and full MB service history. Pretty gutless, tbh, and around 30mpg, but very...
  6. T

    Battery drain on startup issue

    I'm looking for some help/advice please regarding my 2006 CD220i estate auto which has a strange problem of draining the battery dead on start sometimes. The batter can be fully charged having either jumped the car or charged overnight on a charger and when attempting to start the starter...
  7. A

    CLK230 Kompressor - Lumpy on Startup

    Hi, I am hoping someone can shed some light on this..... I have a 2000 CLK230 Kompressor, On startup it is extremely 'lumpy'. Revving between 500 and 1000rpm continuously up and down. I can leave it standing until it warms up but doesn't change until it has been driven. When driving...
  8. ian6

    engine rattle on startup,

    Newbie here, good morning all. Just bought a CLC 180K in black, 47000 mls, Noticing a rattle on start-up that disappears after a very short time as if the oil has reached the top of the engine, Is this normal? or am I looking at cam chain fail, another point to mention oil level appears to be...
  9. Grovsie31

    Are C55's supposed to be this noisy on cold startup?

    Ive read a lot about cold start whining noise, which mine has, but it doesn't seem normal to me. First vid is from cold start, second vid is warmed up after 40 min drive. View My Video View My Video
  10. S

    W211 e220 2008 - White smoke cold startup normal?

    Hi all When I start my W211 E220 (08 plate with 80k miles) I get quite a lot of white smoke for the first few mins when it's cold in the morning, once warmed up its fine, was just wondering if this is normal? It seems to start first time etc and seems to run normally too. Just did a quick test...
  11. jack1990

    Noisy CLK200 on startup

    Hi all, I'm just after a bit of advice. Recently my 2007 clk200 kompressor has been tappety during startup when it's cold in the morning or night. Anyone know what this could be? Thanks
  12. A

    2005 E320 OM642 white smoke at start-up

    I have an E320 sport with 120K on the clock and a white smoke problem. When the car is started it can sometimes take a while to start (5-6 seconds) and when it starts a puff of white smoke is emitted. If I turn the ignition onto position 3 for 10 seconds prior to start the engine starts...
  13. John

    Engine clicking on startup.

    So I've had a clicking sound for a little while and the car is booked in with the doc. However, just wondering if anyone can hazard a guess as to what it could be. I thought was the SC pulley but I noticed it got louder this week and on closer listening, it is actually coming from the...
  14. wongl

    My first taste of investing in a start-up

    Here is a recent post of mine on LinkedIn about my first taste of investing in a start-up. Now looking to lease a van for the business and wondering if a main...
  15. mct_cars

    Slight Chain Rattle on start-up

    Hi All, I've noticed the last couple of times I've started the car a slight rattle on start up. On each occasion, it has happened from cold start and only when the engine hasn't "caught" cleanly on all cylinders. The chain and tensioner where changed 8k miles ago and I've checked the...
  16. S

    W221, 57, Smoke on start-up

    Hi everyone, W221 has a smoke problem at startup and this happened since last time i serviced (oil change). The guy use Mercedes synthetic oil but not the low ash which is recommended for this car. Symptoms: 1) The smoke doesn't come right after i start the car, it take 10 to 15 seconds...
  17. R

    R320 Short Noise after Startup - Airmatic

    R320 2007 CDI Diesel (110Km) Issue: Short loud "T-H-H-H-R-R-R-U-S-H-H-H-H" sound after 3 min. at Cold Startup (passenger side) Description: Start car in cold (winter morning) (there's no noise) Wait 3 minutes, while engine is running (still no noise) After 3 minutes, a 2 second...
  18. M

    Blue smoke on startup w211 e320cdi

    Have noticed a bit of blue smoke (defo blue not grey or white) from Nat's car on start up. Seems to clear immediately. It's a 2004 with 94k on the clock and comprehensive history. What's the most likely causes please? Valves seals, leaky turbo. Want to nip it in the bud if possible.
  19. B

    w124 300 ce startup problem

    Hi I recently bought Mercedes w124 300Ce 1990 , which was left parked in the garage for almost 4 years. I have changed all the spark-plugs, leads, distributor cap, ignition coil.But facing startup problem. I have checked the fuel pump which is working fine as you turn on the ignition ( you...
  20. NAZ_

    Strange Engine noise only on startup - CLK55 W209

    I have just bought myself CLK55 Cab on a 53 plate and when I picked up the car it was VERY low on fuel. On my way to the closest petrol pump when I felt the dreaded misfiring knowing it was going to cut out soon...and it did. So, after filling up with a petrol can followed by supoer unleaded I...
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