1. gr1nch

    Your best petrol station?

    Not something I would normally think about but I've just filled up at what was the most welcoming and wonderful petrol station of my life . Shockingly cheap fuel after €1.35-1.55 in the large valley towns. Heading from Bormio to Bolzano. Eni at Trepalle * diesel at €0.855/litre - that's 74p ! *...
  2. garycat

    Audio20 - Changing the default radio station?

    When I switch to DAB, the radio is always tuned to talkSport instead of the last station I was listening to or one from my presets. How can I change the default radio station?
  3. brucemillar

    Hidden fire station discovered after decades.

    Hidden Dudley fire station revealed after decades - BBC News
  4. D

    Fuel station at Cite Europe

    Hi all went to france 6 weeks ago and as usual just enough fuel in car to fill up in Cite Europe carrefour station that was located on lower car park but now gone? Anyone been there recently and where has it moved to as travelling to spain in 2 weeks and would like to fill up there.Their...
  5. G

    Adblue ( DEF ) from Service Station Pump

    I have found a local Esso garage that sells Adblue 'on draught'. Has anyone ever used a service station pump to refill their adblue or know whether the pump nozzle would fit into the cars adblue filler pipe? Specifically a 2015 C200D. Thanks
  6. Ronan1982

    Deleting My Station List on Entertainment System

    Hi Guys, May be a simple solution but I cant seem to delete my Station List on my ICE. Picture 1 I have all the stations I want on my auto store, and presumed that they would transfer over to the station list but they do not! Picture 2 So when playing say Kiss100 from my auto store list and I...
  7. merc85

    MOT test number what station?

    If i have a Mot test certificate number (testing number), can i find out where the vehicle was tested?
  8. The _Don

    What radio station do you listen to?

    Me most days - Solar Radio | Tune in to quality music | Listen to music from yesterday, today & the future. Your Classic & 21st Century Soul Station. ‎Solar Radio - ‎DJs & Shows - ‎About - ‎Contact
  9. 219

    Spot the station !

    Despite it not being properly dark at 22:04 tonight , the International Space Station was still easily visible to the naked eye as the third brightest object in the night sky . I've seen it a couple of times before but it is always something to behold . NASA - Spot The Station
  10. Oilcan

    C204 Radio start up station change.

    Is it possible to change the default radio station on starting the engine? At the moment the radio always comes on with absolute 80s, which was initially quite entertaining but now I would like to be able to program the start up station. I know how to access and store presets, even changing the...
  11. M

    Petrol Station Incident... Any advice?

    Hoping to solicit the advice of anyone of the great folks on here to an unpleasant collision on a station forecourt earlier today near Oxford. It was in my 05 C270. Short story is that I was driving through the forecourt (well, along the outside edge) when a chap in a Nissan Navara flung his...
  12. Stratman

    Man sets fire to petrol station on CCTV

    In Greenwich, southeast London. :dk:
  13. m2287

    W220 radio station problem

    Just bought a 2003 s320cdi, I believe it has the NGT1 command system. My problem is that it constantly seems to loose signal and automatically changes to another station or just the crackling sound when you have no signal (every 2mins!!). I have saved a station so when I press number 1, it...
  14. ScottBacon

    Petrol Station prompt on Sat Nav

    When I first got my C63, as the petrol got to about a quarter tank a message would come up asking if I wanted directions to the nearest petrol station. I seem to have turned this off somehow. How do I get it back on pls ??
  15. D

    Anyone fancy a game of petrol station bingo?

    In the CL55 today; I did five mile in local traffic with that on the screen...:D
  16. Rashman

    Airline to sue TV station over racism

    Read report and also play clip of broadcast. Asiana Sues Over 'Racist' Names In TV Report
  17. Mr. B

    International Space Station

    A revised version of David Bowie's Space Oddity, recorded by Commander Chris Hadfield on board the International Space Station. Space Oddity - YouTube
  18. StMarks

    Has someone on here parked there MB at the train station...

    BBC News - Car left on island of asphalt by Edinburgh Waverley workers :rolleyes:
  19. A

    Mercedes iPad docking station

    Hi does anyone have the Mercedes iPad docking station fitted on a W204 or any other MB. I can not find much information and can only get a price from ebay usa. The ipad also charges in the docking station so I presume this is hard wired and just wanted to also know if this is dealer fit only...
  20. BillyW124

    New SL65 V12 on show @ Liverpool St Station

    Since Monday, the SL65 has been on show at Liverpool St Station. Anyone work around/pass through the station and seen it? Just been out on my lunch to get a close up. Beast of a thing that is. I think its awesome. :rock: However....I thought Merc have stopped making V12 motors now, Is this...
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