1. Dave Richardson

    Home Digital Weather Stations

    I can't recall seeing any other posts on this subject, so is there any other members who have & use a digital weather station? Mine is about two years old & started life as a Maplins unit however the display broke & I replaced it with a Watson unit which works well.
  2. N

    w204 DAB radio

    Is there any way to get other digital stations apart from bbc ones?
  3. C

    Medium wave stations not recognised any more.

    Yesterday I thought I'd guddle about with my command and change the welcome screen in Engineering mode to the AMG welcome for a laugh. It all went well and my daughter thought it was cool but, when I went for a drive, I noticed that the command and dashboard display on MW appear to have...
  4. ioweddie

    T cut 500ml only £5 in Morrisons Petrol Stations

    Standard T cut 500ml only £5 in Morrisons Petrol Stations. Bit of a bargain as its £6.99 in Halfrauds Eddie
  5. M

    MOT Stations

    Does any member know of honest MOT stations in South Manchester where I won't get the responses of " Sir I think your exhaust is blowing at the front" :fail "That bearing sounds like it might go in a month" :fail At my last Garage, if I had a service as well it flew through If I had...
  6. Stratman

    Hydrogen fuelling stations to be introduced in South East

    First UK integrated hydrogen transport system to launch in London and South East I suspect hydrogen fuel cells will be the government's preferred replacement engines since it's easier to tax.
  7. Norse

    What options do I have when the FM stations shut down?

    Hi all. It has been decided that in 2016 broadcasts on the FM band will cease in Norway. From then only DAB will be available. What options am I left with in my 2005 W211 with Comand????
  8. S

    DAB Stations: "Station Moved"

    Does anyone know of any way to reset DAB on a w204? I sent my car in for body work a couple of weeks ago - and just got it back. The DAB ensembles I should receive are: BBC National, Cambridge, and National. However, as the bodyshop is in Norwich, when I first set it back to DAB (was on FM)...
  9. Borys

    Lpg refilling stations Gatwick area

    I found one lpg refilling station Pease Pottage services which is a ripp off. Any one knows of any around?
  10. M

    People who face the wrong way at Petrol stations

    Do these people have no common sense at all? :doh: How hard can it be? You're driving along the road and you want to turn into a forcourt on your left, you take the first entrance and queue for an available pump... simples :thumb: Surely when you're approaching from the other direction...
  11. Londonscottish

    S211 E500 - how do I scan FM for stations?

    Hi - trying to find out how to scan FM for stations (I want to pick up the signal from my Headrest DVD's). I've got COMAND. At the moment it just takes me from one preset to the next Thanks in advance
  12. JumboBeef

    Weather stations

    We have a small weather station, but I've always fancied a bigger and better one! Maybe like this: Oregon Scientific WMR200 Professional Weather Station: Kitchen & Home Ideas/suggestions please!
  13. Wizeng

    Radio stations

    Does anyone recommend a particular radio station for road reports in the Peterborough area?
  14. S

    When do petrol stations open in the AM

    I've got an early start tomorrow and am tied up tonight otherwise I'd fill then. I've trauled the web and can't find an answer, I need to fill up around 5am as thats when I am leaving. Would a tesco 24hr store sell petrol in the small hours?
  15. Brian WH

    TV Reception Local Stations

    I live in the East Midlands, but can now only receive West Midlands Local TV News???:crazy: I used to have two aerials: - 1. Pointing at Birmingham for West Midlands, as this was the strongest signal for all stations 1 to 5. 2. Pointing at Nottingham for East Midlands Local News. When...
  16. F

    Annoying People at Tesco Petrol Stations...

    How many of you get fedup going to a 24HR Tesco Petrol Station for some fuel on a Sunday evening only to find the pumps parked with cars by idiots that don’t even buy "fuel" and you have to wait in a queue of cars for ages for those silly people to come out of the garage shop with” bags full of...
  17. C240Sport97

    Entering code for Audio 10 CD & programming radio stations

    I am the very happy owner of a virtually new Audio 10CD, thanks to Pammy. However, when I do get round to begging someone to help me fit it, I don't know how to input the code (I have this) to make it work. If someone knows how this is done, please let me know. Also, by looking at the...
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