1. kxhost

    Rear seat belt status indicator

    Hi guys, First post here! I've purchased a 59 plate E350 Coupe, and have an issue which I believe may actually be a "feature", and was wondering if you could put my mind at rest?... When I start to drive off, I get an image displayed on the computer (see image). I've found that this...
  2. P

    Changing status line from speed to temp on B Class

    The status line on my B class has the speed in KMH displayed above the auto gear section part - it says in my book that this is not changeable in the uk but other countries can have the outside temp displayed there - can this be changed or is it locked down - seems a bit odd to me . Thanks:dk:
  3. Spinal

    Tax Disk Status

    So I just bought a car... That said, it's not taxed... or the seller told me it wasn't taxed. I had a look online, and it says: Does date of liability being in the future mean it's taxed? Or does it just mean that it's SORN until that date? Next question - can I tax it with a...
  4. LTD

    *** status update

    Live from Twatter : He is enjoying a good trip. Been through southern Europe and through the Alps. So far so good, sounds like his car is still working, he is not dead and has not been imprisoned for any means. Says he has lots of pics and videos. Enjoy the tranquility whilst we still have it.
  5. J

    Has Mercedes lost it status?

    Talk about Beemer 7 instead of Mercedes S class to signify poshness:dk: Middle class parents 'made to feel guilty for private schooling' | Mail Online
  6. K

    Alpine F1 Status Headunit

    Hello All, Just started looking around for a new headunit to replace my standard Merc Headunit as it has become faulty, been looking for hours and not really found anything that I like the look off.... and then I find this: AlpineF#1Status | Products > DVI-9990J Problem is ive looked on...
  7. Spinal

    Professional Status for Engineers Petition

    The petition to recognise Engineers are professional/skilled workers has now closed, ( ) Some petitions are responded to even before they close - this one seems to have been left unanswered so far. Why do I have a sneaky suspicion that either it...
  8. C

    W211 instrument panel status line stuck on speed, and km/h too

    I'm a little confused as to whether this is supposed to happen. Just got my new 'E', and I'm confused by the "status line" on the instrument panel; that's the line above the trip meter. i.e the standard display is: 1. outside temp 2. "status line" 3. trip meter 4...
  9. D

    status quo!!!

    merry xmas everybody!! just a stupid question but having watched this weeks max and paddy, has anyone else been caught out with gatso/traffic cop while listening to status quo. i'm asking this because I have and my father has (nearly twice!!!) like I said, just a stupid question.. :rolleyes:
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