1. IforG

    W209 headlamps stay on

    My CLK cab headlamps will not turn off whatever I do. The rotary switch works for front and rear fog lights and the parking light function works at it should. Even with the switch in the off position, dipped headlamps shine brightly, even in full sunshine. Any ideas, guys, please?
  2. st13phil

    Long Weekend in Edinburgh - Where to Stay?

    Angie and I are considering a Thursday through Sunday stay in Edinburgh in mid-November. Not knowing the geography of the city at all, I'd welcome suggestions as to potential places to stay (both general areas and specific hotels if people have recommendations) and "must see" things while...
  3. B

    W211 boot wont stay shut

    hi car 04 E320 CDI estate im having problems with my boot not shutting. over a year ago the soft close stopped working and today the boot wont stay shut. it shuts fully but the catch doesnt engage and i get the red boot open warning on the dash. any ideas what to do, cant find a way...
  4. G

    bonnet will not stay up in first position

    does anyone out there know why the bonnet of my w124 1995 e220 will not stay up I have checked for springs shocks etc but do not seem to be able to locate any Thank for any help
  5. sgh

    Roof Down, Rear Windows stay down?

    Might be a silly question, I have a R172 SLK - should the rear windows be up when the roof is down?
  6. D

    W124 estate interior lights stay on

    Doesn't matter what I do they stay on. Dash switch no effect in any position (used to turn them on/off) I've taken the 4 lights out - 2x rear pillar - 2x c pillar. Perhaps the door or tailgate don't believe they are closed? Fuse C seems to be providing the interior light power quite happily...
  7. Allistairc

    My R129 - to stay or go...

    Hi folks, I have a need for some advice relating to a question of keeping hold of my car I have a 95 R129 SL 320. Right up front lets get a feel for the car. 81k genuine miles, Full history MB up to 75k in Azurite Blue with Mushroom. I've done 271 miles in the last 3 years, it's flown...
  8. Dave Richardson

    Parking & over night stay at Bristol Airport

    We're looking to park our car close to Bristol Airport in mid June before flying to Italy & then to stay near to the airport when we return about a week later. We've found Bristol airport lodge on line, has anyone stayed there ? Bristol airport Lodge Or has anyone experienced over...
  9. M

    Radio wont stay without the ignition being on

    Hi newbie here and new to Merc as it goes. Car is CLK W209 with the command thingymabob but the radio wont come on without the ignition being on. Is this correct or do I have a fault. Surely I must be able to sit in the car and listen to the radio without having everything on. I know in Audi's...
  10. K

    W204 Air Con doesnt stay on

    Hi, I have a 2008 - W204 C Class 220cdi. The air conditioning has been working fine for the last couple of years. It was recently recharged about 2 months ago. Now when you press the AirCon button it flashes a couple of times and turns off. Can anyone advise how I can reset the AC or why...
  11. D

    Took out instrument cluster and now warning stay on

    removed instrument cluster to try fix problem where it works sometimes and not others. I put it back in and problem still persists. More urgently after putting it back in some warning lights are staying on and not going out after ignition e.g brake pad wear, ABS, coolant and oil warning...
  12. N

    Replaced Starter, No Start Signal & Instrument Cluster Lights Stay On

    After replacing my '02 A160's (auto) starter, all the instrument cluster warning lights are on and there is no signal to starter to start. My starter has been intermittently failing to start over the last year or so until it became unreliable. The last time it failed to start, I was able to...
  13. 1

    Help needed please. Can't get the lights to stay on after locking car. New A class

    Prior to have some work done on my wife's year- old A180, this feature worked. I mean the external lights staying on for a short while after the car is locked - a feature my wife likes. The garage had the car in to service it and had the battery disconnected for some time so it took a while to...
  14. A

    S203 Wet electrics in footwell causing stereo to stay on.

    Wife was driving home from work and I got a phone call to say the car (2001 S203 220CDI) was going crazy giving out fault codes and flashing lights like they were going out of fashion. After having a look around on here I worked out that the bulkhead drains were blocked (we had biblical rain the...
  15. smillion

    Phone upgrade ...stay HTC or what ?

    You know that feeling when it's time for an upgrade and you think you should move on ... Well I am happy with my HTC Sensation and all that it does, just wondered what else was out there ... Apple ...possibility as I have an I pad, but thinking of something with slightly larger screen than my...
  16. Sp!ke

    If only they would stay like this

    ... and not turn into killer beasts. I thought I'd share my recent experience .. isn't she lovely? KcfJlGiw_A4
  17. K

    car painting

    All, A bit of background first to my saga with this body shop. I called Andy the proprietor at Andy's Auto Barn just before Christmas regarding the painting of my body kit on my 190E. The body kit would include the front and rear bumpers including inserts, side sill panels and all the sacco...
  18. Aerialmark

    Where to stay and pass a day.

    Next Wednesday I have a client who is going for a meeting at the Millennium Madejski hotel in Reading. I am taking them down at 17-00 and staying overnight until Thursday where I will pick them up at 19-45 and return them back to Burnley. What I would like to know is where can I stay where the...
  19. H

    No Speedo, ABS & Brake warning lights stay on

    My ABS and brake warning lighs are constantly on, and also the parking brake light does not illuminate when the parking brake is applied. Reading through the various threads where similar issues have been discussed the problem could be either the parking brake switch, brake pedal switch, OVP...
  20. D

    Should it stay or should it go?

    This spoiler was already fitted to the car when I bought it and I had every intention of removing it, but it's kind of grown on me. Having said that, I still favour reverting to normal *I think*... So.... What are people's thoughts? Should it stay or should it be removed?
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