1. jotter22

    Has anyone stayed at the....

    Afternoon gent's... has anyone stayed at the millennium hotel adjacent to Chelsea fc?...any good? Tony.
  2. trapperjohn

    Would you have stayed or "Bottled It"

    Watch it through and ask yourself the above question. No idea what the movie was. Cinema Stunt by Carlsberg | THEINSPIRATION.COM l THIS IS WH If I had my Mrs with me I would probably have bottled it. Second question. Is this where the expression "I'm only here for the beer" came from...
  3. Benzmanc

    Anybody stayed here...

    .... or near here, just booked for next year and wondered if there are any restaurants, bars etc that are worth visiting Daz Butterfly Beach Hotel
  4. J

    Various malfunctions then car stayed started with key OUT.... HELP..

    Ok i was driving on the motorway as usual and DISPLAY FAULT appeared on the dash followed by 7 malfunctions and all lights came on dash (as if your about to start a car but dont key position 2 or something). Anyway it followed by 7 malfunctions which was SRS error, ESP, BRAKE FLUID LEVEL, CHECK...
  5. scotth_uk

    Anyone else stayed at Cliveden House?

    WOW! What a hotel!!!!! If any of you want a night away at somewhere rather prestigious, I can heartily recommend the Cliveden in Berkshire. Costs a lot, and is worth every penny. Local cuisine is almost 100% french though, so make sure you have the right palette. ;-) I managed to find a...
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