1. clarea

    SRS light staying on

    My mum has a 2004 clk320. Last week in the cold weather she didn't drive it for about a week. When she next started it, it had a few errors including the srs one. The others cleared but the srs one has remained. Is it possible to reset it or will it need to go to the garage? Thank you!
  2. M

    SLK trouble alarm and blinkers staying on R170

    My SLK started sounding the alarm without any reason, and kept going off almost as soon as I reset it. Then I took the car for a trip and after 15 min the horn sounded shortly a few times. I then parked and the blinker on one side stayed on. I disconnected the battery and the fault one side...
  3. S

    W163 Heating staying cold

    Does anyone know anything about the following My w163 a few months back heating stopped blowing warm air despite a fully warmed engine. Before I had a chance to investigate it began working again until a few days ago. Any ideas why it would work intermittently? Not sure if it's...
  4. W

    Indicator not staying on please help.

    Hi I was worrying if someone could help. When I indicate left it will stay down as normal but if I indicate right the stalk wouldn't stay up Any ideas please Thanks
  5. N

    Glow plug light staying on

    Hi All I have a 2005 220 CDI and just started glow plug light does not go out straight away after starting, put my tester on and getting CODE P2134 is that glow plug related. Cheers Norman
  6. T

    w204 brake lights staying on

    Hi i just noticed today that my brake lights are staying on after i apply the brake and the only way to get them of is to switch the car on and off. Has anyone else had this problem and is it just the brake pedal switch?? also when having a look i seen thet the brown wire was melted and the...
  7. prestige lease

    w208 water in footwell key won't turn alarm not staying on

    Hi , I've got a problem with my 2002 Clk 200k, the doors don't open with fob, when manually open the alarm wont shut down and I can't turn the key in ignition to start it. ive had a key made and its been to the dealers for three weeks but no luck. Dealers want me to keep changing parts...
  8. R

    number plate light staying on

    Hi Guys, Once again i am at your mercy. I have been infromed by my neighbour that my number plate light (left side) was on last night. Despite me turning off the car remotely. Now, ive suffered a few issues with the electronics and attributed it to the alarm (which i subsequently removed)...
  9. M

    Mercedes c180 Coupe 05 w203 Fan staying on

    Hi Radiator Fan staying on as soon as you turn on ignition ,even when car stone cold .Any one else had this problem .Any pointers on this subject please .Thanks .
  10. I

    W204 Panoramic roof not closing, staying tilted open

    HI All, I have a problem with my pano roof. opened at tilt this weekend , now when i try to close it, it closes 5 mm or so then pops open again, not sliding all the way open just to the tilted position. If I keep pressing the "down" button it will close a little more, then finally opens...
  11. V

    Vito glow plug staying on

    Hello, got a vito 2001 110cdi 2.2, turn the key wait for the glow plug light to go out and fire her up and then the glow plug light comes back on for about 30ish seconds. It starts no problems and drive exactly the same, any ideas?
  12. S

    C Class w204 facelift - Nearside daytime running light staying on all time (dim)

    Hi all, Wondering if you could advise... I have a 61 plate C Class Saloon Sport Edition 125. Tonight I've noticed that the nearside daytime running light stays on at all times but is much dimmer than full brightness. Has anybody seen this issue before? Do you know what could be causing...
  13. kit17

    W204 (2009) side light staying on problem

    Hi I have a problem with one of my side lights staying on after the car has been locked up. It doesn't matter which setting I have my lights on, one of them comes on randomly, but works fine when the lights are on. Its a pre-face lift with two side light bulbs either side, but only one light on...
  14. C

    speedo and clock staying on

    Hi can anyone help me, I have a 2004 vito and I have just noticed that the speedo, clock and temperature cluster is staying on after I lock the van, I am worried that I will have a flat battery in the morning, I have checked that all the doors are shut properly and that the interior light goes...
  15. Carrie01

    Changed battery now bas/esp light staying on

    Hi I have a ml 320 x reg mercedes and my battery died without any warning now I've changed the battery the bas/ESP light has come on any ideas what this could mean
  16. S

    Brake lights staying on CLK

    When I put my headlights on my CLK the stop lights and high level brake light remains on? Goes out when I turn lights off. Any ideas?
  17. D

    CL55 brake light LED's staying on..??

    Hi All.. Have a 2003 face lift CL55 and am being told that after the brake light goes out some of the LED's are staying on for a minute or so then fade out, anyone any idea what's at the bottom of this and a fix..?
  18. M

    Glow plug light staying on

    Hi all The glow plug light is staying on on my 99/2000 320Cdi for a while after I have started the car. I have owned the car for about 4 weeks and after having read through the paperwork that came with the car ( it has got full MB service history ) it was noted in a service report from 2009 (...
  19. BillyW124

    w220 s-class 280 brake lights staying on

    Chaps, A friend of mines has developed a fault on his s-class whereby when the ignition is turned off the rear and centre brake lights stay lit. The front lights stay off. Brake light switch has been fiddled with and replaced - no joy. Culprits like a short in the wiring have been checked...
  20. M

    Interior Lights staying on

    Hi all, I have a what seems to a silly little problem. Neither the boot light or back seat overhead lights were working in my C250 TD estate. I took out the fittings and found 1 missing and 1 blown bulb. So having replaced them I have found they stay on when everything else turns off and...
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