1. Barker44

    Putting the C63 back to std...

    Im just putting the feelers out to see if there is any interest... No prices yet as the kits on the car. Thinking of handing the car back to Mercedes to help free up some cash on buying a house. This means I'd need to put it back to std... I have a 2014 C63 with Eurocharged 550 tune...
  2. A

    Not so STD

    MERCEDES C250 SUPER TURBO DIESEL MANUAL OM605 ESTATE Probably needs just an O ring...:D
  3. HarioH

    My W202 STD Wagon

    Hello I'm usually posting on superturbo diesel but those lots don't really have much interest in anything 'new' like my W202 so I've joined here also. Having grown out of car stereos and gluing inanimate bits of plastic onto cards I've decided to become sophisticated with classic german car...
  4. ScottBacon

    Is the C63 PPP the same engine as C63 std

    As per the title gents ???
  5. H20 MRV

    507 = ltd diff as std?

    As above guys, Does the 2013 C63 507 coupe have a ltd diff as std?
  6. DazNich

    C63, which one, std, PPP, facelift 125, 507...

    Hi, I know this has probably been asked many times but I'm asking again :doh: Looking to get into a C63, test drove a 59 plate and was very impressed, however I have a few options and can't decide what to go for. 2010 C63 standard - under £30k, bargain of the century? 2010 C63...
  7. A

    Std alloys back on with winter tyres.

    Decided due to a holiday in Europe in Febuary to have some winter tyres fitted to my original alloys. Rather than change the tyres on the summer alloys it seems handy to have two sets of alloys complete with tyres. So this is what was on before, These are the original 16" (not yet...
  8. abecketts

    is this W124 colour std?

    1993 MERCEDES 300TE GREEN on eBay (end time 21-Mar-11 20:07:11 GMT) is this a respray? also is the engine a multivalve or the older one? colour looks very disconcerting to me or is it the camera?
  9. A

    SL R129 Std spare wheel

    Hi, I need to get a standard spare alloy wheel for my 1996 SL320, not too worried about the style or condition, obviously it needs to be useable, can anyonre help ? Thanks
  10. lynall

    Std size wheels for a 01 E430?

    I have had a look at the sticky wheel chart, to no avail, as it lists 15,16 and 17 inch as std sizes, and i would like to know the std wheel and tyre size for 2001 E430 Avantgarde. Lynall
  11. M

    iPOD install using FM modulator on std head unit (ML shown)

    If you intercept the radio signal into an FM modulator you can inject an iPOD FM output into any head unit. From another forum I saw a way of doing it. I quote the following from the thread ........ I...
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