1. I

    anyone know of a Mercedes specialist non stealer in or near Kings Lynn?

    anyone know of a Mercedes specialist non stealer in or near Kings Lynn? I currently use a BMW specialist but they cant do the braking system :(
  2. Alps

    How much more would you pay for a car from a stealer?

    as per title is it worth 2 K extra? positives - Much higher spec - too much to list - MB warrenty and preped car, so should be immaculate - 1 owner from new car negatives - a little higher milage - price! all comments welcomed!
  3. jukie

    Ok, went to the stealer today...

    ...and had a drive in an auto A200 Cdi Elegance. No extras to Elegance spec, 1st registered March 06, 20k on the clock, one previous owner who's just part-ex'd it for a new A class. Priced at £10850, which I think is ok. Was in top condition and it drove well. Strangely (to me anyway!), they...
  4. fabes

    Mobilo service and non main stealer

    Hi Recently joined the MB crowd and bought a nice little C class coupe (with Evolution pack) So far so good, though the seqential auto is taking a little getting used to Its a 53 plate with 53k on the clock, ex fleet car bought from this lot ( Reasonable buying...
  5. Gollom

    Dealer of Stealer?

    At the risk of getting my head blown off or being flamed......... (I agree with Howard - this forum is becoming a little tetchy just lately) As others have commented the word "Stealers" really, really grates on me. I hate paying the prices too - but I choose to have a MB. And lets face it, how...
  6. B

    Stealer Advice Please

    Took my E200 into main dealer because last weekend the seat belt tensioners activated as I went over a speed bump doing less than 10mph in a car park. They carried out a brief inspection but want the car for a couple of days as they could not find out the cause without apparently stripping the...
  7. E

    Stealer refusal

    Hi, I wanted an ipod kit fitted to my 2005 w203. I purchased the bracket and interface from the mb online parts website. I phoned my dealer to ask to make an appointment to have it fitted and they are saying that because I didnt order the parts via them, they will not do it. They hadnt even...
  8. wongl

    10% Discount from Stealer with ThreePlus Card?

    I have managed to get 10% discount on parts occasionaly from London area stealer using my ThreePlus card. However this is not honored consistently, and when rejected the reason usually being "you only get 10% on parts when the car is in the workshop". Anyway managed to get 10% from Stealer...
  9. L

    BMW Stealer taking the P***

    A friend left his X5 in the dealers for fitting of new front brake discs ( to cure judder) The discs were priced at £68 each. On collecting the X5, he received a bill for almost £500. He asked how this amount was arrived at. Answer - £38 for road testing vehicle to check for judder...
  10. Howard

    W124 coupe front mudflaps - Stealer price ?

    Can anyone look up the price of a set of w124 coupe front mudflaps from the stealer in their EPC please ? It would be much appreciated ....
  11. L

    MB Bolton Good service from a stealer!!

    I had to give credit where due on this one. My Smart car developed a fault in the air bag system which led to the light on the dash coming on so I booked her in to MB Bolton expecting the worst. Well an hour and a half later the car was ready having had the fault traced a connection...
  12. ckember

    A very helpful stealer

    I would like to congratulate Hughes of Aylsebury for an excellent job when servicing my W203. This was my first trip to a stealer for a service. I had booked the car in as they said I could have a C220 CDI courtesy car whilst the service was done. However on arrival I was rtold the car I had...
  13. D

    Was pleasant surprise at stealer's, not any more

    After feeling I was getting a good deal at MB Worcester see other post, the dealer phoned Me on Friday and left a message on my answer phone, he said his manager reminded him that Glasses only supply a price for the auto C220 and not the manual. So the £17.5K he had said he was going to give me...
  14. jimmy

    Stealer has me by the short & curlies!!

    Some of you may remember I had a problem when I bought my car in that the horn would sound whenever I removed the key from the ignition. This was diagnosed by an auto electrician as a faulty front SAM unit. When I spoke to my local dealer they confirmed that this is a common problem and the...
  15. Brian WH

    Leicester Dealer Stealer

    When I went to my dealers yesterday to negotiate my new car delivery he told me a sorry tale. He had a phone call from a man anxious to find a new E320CDI from stock. Evidently this man had placed an order, with a deposit, with a "Leicester Dealer" for a E320CDI some months ago. On Monday...
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