1. bennesspipers

    How do Main Stealers make their prices up !

    Last friday, while i was picking up from Merc dealer a new centre prop rubber & bearing, i asked them how much to fit them, answer - 2.6 hours job = £234 + vat, :eek: My local stainless exhaust centre did the job for me today, the guy had never done one on any Merc before & he was finished in 1...
  2. blaser24nig

    We don't give out...

    We don't give out part numbers was the response from five mercedes stealers about 5 minutes ago. What is the reason I asked and was told they are looking after the interest of the company. It stops people from buying second hand parts for their cars???? (that we own and have paid for), Are they...
  3. R

    Star stealers

    Just had bonnet and boot stars nicked last night, sad b*******s.Have read a few posts on the subject which have made me feel a lot better, like the one about wiring bonnet star to DC, Nice!
  4. Trophy1200

    Not Just The UK Stealers

    How about this for customer service?
  5. G

    Stealers Price List

    Where do i start im no mercedes fan after all the faults iv had on my e320 cdi w210 . any how need computer reset due to new clocks being fitted and there is a fault well only one but its still there bugging me new clocks then a power steering fault on dash , not only this but the car is loving...
  6. Big Jim

    Pleased with Local Stealers

    I know this goes against the grain...but I was majorly impressed with the Stealers at Cribbs Causeway in Bristol. I even wrote to them to let them know. I took my car back with many faults (headrest motor, heated seats, radio, cd, navigation, and linguatronic all playing up) They couldn't...
  7. D

    fed up with stealers

    hey guys & gals i am apologising to you all right now before i begin with my whing i might go on abit anyway here goes couple of week ago i put on a post about strange noise's coming from my car (rattles and sounds as if exhaust is blown) got a few helpful hints but could'nt solve the...
  8. High-Lo

    Stealers selling on eBay...

    Looks like Mercedes-Benz of Harpenden are selling off all their genuine new and unused special order parts which customers haven't collected. Heres the link. From the item description "The Warranty is a full MB Warranty, as this will be invoiced and suppied by an authorised main dealer."...
  9. Ian B Walker

    And you think Stealers are exbensive

    I have to get a structural survey done on one wall within our house. Got a number of quotes. The cheapest one is £350 inc of vat. That has to work out at about £140 per hour :eek: :eek: Never again shall I complain about prices. Anyone here with similar exbensive nesessities? (and yeah I cant...
  10. M

    Stealers !!

    Just posted on one of the Rover forums :) Well I found it amusing anyway :) Mark
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