1. Luke-BITURBO

    Stealth E63 Pics

    Had the wheels done gloss black and installed some Carbon mirrors last week won't be for everyone but for me was the reason I purchased a black E63 Went out for a good blast over the weekend done 500miles with 730hp now and loving it still more engine mods to come :P Few pictures
  2. S

    SL500 R129 Stealth and Speake enclosures

    Has anyone done a boot or back seat speaker install, where do you find purpose built enclosures for the R129, looking to buy enclosures or have them made in the Hampshire area. Any pics or info regarding this is greatly appreciated.
  3. KillerHERTZ


    Thats no Blutech!
  4. S

    Video: Second one-off Brabus Stealth SL65 AMG Black Series

    After previously Brabus Vanish, a one-off kit for the limited-edition Mercedes-Benz SL 65 AMG Black Series, the German tuner has developed now another highly-tuned car based on the limited-edition Mercedes-Benz SL 65 AMG Black Series � the "Stealth 65". It is the second time German tuner...
  5. Alps

    w202 False floor for stealth ICE install

    ok guys im selling my false floor install that i had made up for the C36, it raises the floor by 3 inch`s enough to give clearance for compartments for amps on either side, I had it designed so that you can still take out the spare wheel and when its in it look pretty stealth. its all carpet`d...
  6. K

    Stealth Black Paintwork

    Hiya Chaps I,ve seen some cars around town with a matt black finish, didnt really like it at first, buts its growing on me. Anyone have any idea which bodyshop would be able to do this?
  7. chriswt

    Mercedes related news - *does not contain stealth tax*

    Giving 'evil big brother' a break for a while I've found some Mercedes related news in this months Octane magazine: A short article mentioning the sale of this 1979 350SL that went under the hammer for a mere £2900 :eek...
  8. D

    A new stealth tax is born '"It'll mean that those selfish individuals who park in main roads out of cities will finally get their comeuppance, and the hundreds of thousands of other motorists who are inconvenienced by them will at last get some justice," he said'. Really. And...
  9. Satch

    More Stealth Taxes

    Two weeks after Alistair Darling's delivers his rubbished pre-budget report the National Insurance thresholds are very silently revised. This is despite the fact that in 2006 and earlier years the NI adjustments were first announced in the pre budget report Right now NI is charged at 11%...
  10. Alfie

    More stealth taxing on its way... Yet another way to extract more from us. If they bring this rubbish (pardon the pun) in, then watch the fly tipping go through the roof and the number of back garden bonfires go up! Here is a quick 'guide' on how to...
  11. Satch

    Stealth Taxes

    Shocked by this list. 1997 1. Council tax increased by 6.5pc 2. Mortgage tax relief cut 3. Pensions tax 4. Health insurance taxed 5. Health insurance taxed again 6. Fuel tax escalator up 7. Vehicle excise duty up 8. Tobacco duty escalator up 9. Stamp duty up for properties over...

    stealth coupe,!!

  13. Satch

    Stealth Wealth Tax

    This is horrible and despite all denials is planned for all of us. It will increase Poll tax charges hugely for many and is nothing more than a Wealth Tax raised on the value of your house. So if you are a pensioner who happens to live in an expensive part of the UK, tough...
  14. guydewdney

    202 estate stealth sub box the one in the ad is mine... - sorry cant link to pictures. the speaker is a JL audio - cost about 200 quid. Amp required held in place with velcro, comes with cover for the speaker in the same cloth. 100 quid. the box alone retails...
  15. GrahamC230K

    Stealth bass

    Koolvin, you need one of these!
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