1. S

    stearing stiff

    My cl500 was put into garage to have front break pipe changed and inside ball joint changed when he was doing front break pipe he took the two black reservoirs off he says had to take off to do break pipe is this right got car back stearing feels a bit stiff any ideas
  2. D

    Stearing advise needed

    When i picked my new C63 coupe the other week it pulled to the near side so it was booked in for a wheel alignment. It went in today at MB newcastle. They informed me that the camber was out and has now been corrected. However on the motorway it still very slighty tends to drive towards the near...
  3. K

    Stearing Box Replacment

    Hi there, The stearing Box is showing signs of wear, has anyone done a swap ?, My car is a W124. Any advise welcome
  4. M

    190e stearing

    what is the benefit in replacing the steering idler (looks like a shock absorber!) does this make the steering feel heavier / stiffer if faulty ? :)
  5. J

    stearing interface

    Good day i would like to now if some one could help me im looking for a stearing interface for my mercedes 220 cdi 2003 model(diesel) to work with a pioneer f20 bt hope some one can help:dk:
  6. I

    Stearing judder at about 65 Mph

    Hi all i need help, i have just replaced the brake pads (front) on my 97 w202 estate, (left hooker) it feels just like the tyres are out of ballance, but i had the wheels balanced the day before i changed the pads. now when the wheel is off the bround i have tried rocking the wheel verticaly and...
  7. S

    W124 wood steering wheel

    Hi anyone got a wood stearing wheel for w124 for sale ,been checking ebay nothing at present,thanks steve.:bannana:
  8. A

    Stearing Wheel rocking

    I have 03 plate merc convertible 320 I have just had two new suspension arms fitted to my car But the steering wheel is rocking back and forth when I turn a corner or go round a roundabout It even does it when the car is stationary when I turn the steering wheel right round
  9. B

    Creaking from Stearing ML270

    Hi, just wondering if any one would know what the problem could be: Every time I break or turn left there seems to be a creaking noise from what appears to be the left hand side of the car, it sounds like an old ship! Has anyone else had this problem. Thanks in advance.
  10. Ian B Walker

    Stearing Box W124 200T

    I have to change the box on my 200T as there is too much play in it. I have attempted to adjust it but with no positive result (Still had 2 inches of play at the wheel) Before anyone recommends checking the knuckles on all the rods, new rods fitted in the last 10 days. So My question...
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