1. RKC-benz

    2 sets of W124 steels & tyres

    I am looking to get rid of two sets of wheels: Firstly four wheels and normal weather tyres. They are the standard 15" wheels in steel and Continental Sport Contact 2 tyres with good tread. About 8k miles on them. They are balanced and ready to go. Tyres are 195/65/15... Secondly four wheels...
  2. Y

    Banded steels

    Has anyone seen a Vito running banded steels? I've only ever seen one on the stock 16's banded. I've got some 17" caravelle steels that I'm tempted to band for my vito, but will have to run plates with them being 5x120, but that'll reduce how wideni an go, Can't find any 17" 5x112 steels...
  3. R

    W211 16" 7.5j alloys or steels x 4 wanted

    Looking for a cheapish set of alloys or steels for my 2009 e220 estate, I've got a set of tyres I had quickly fitted to the std 16" alloys last winter Let me know if you have any you want rid of cheers
  4. Doodle

    211 on steels

    I remember seeing a pic ages back of a 211 on steel wheels, but can't for the life of me find it :wallbash: If anyone can turn it (or one similar) up for me I'd be grateful. Thinking about ditching the winter set of Yilduz for some ghetto rims ;)
  5. ronnie5

    Wanted steels with tyres

    I am after a set of cheap 3 x steel wheels with tyres that would go through an MOT size 215/55/16 5 stud in the Somerset area the mercs been parked up for a few months and I'm skint so doing the MOT work on the cheap and wheels are the last thing I need. Not bothered on condition as long as...
  6. C

    For Sale - Brand New Wheel Bolts (ideal for Toliman Light weight wheels or steels)

    as topic 20x brand new shiney bolts for Mercedes, ideal for Toliman alloys and/or steel wheels £25 posted
  7. U

    R129 16 x 8" Steels

    I hear rumour these exist? Is this true ? Dave!
  8. GrahamC230K

    Cheap (at the moment) steels
  9. esprit200

    Standard C200 steels and hubcaps + part worn Dunlops

    From a 1999 t-reg c200 4x 15" C200 Steels 4x Standard Hubcaps 4x Part worn Dunlop sp sport 2000 £120 ono + collect or arrange courier Also spare tyre and rim completely unused for £100 + collect
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