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    Stuck in stop start traffic on steep hill with auto

    Hi folks, I have just bought a 2012 C180 1.6 auto petrol and not having driven an auto for many years wonder how best to drive up a long steep hill in stopping/starting traffic. A few months ago a bus caught fire on the A55 between St Asaph and Caerwys. This led to me being stuck in a queue...
  2. B

    87 300D W124 cut out on a steep hill

    Was driving up a twisty steep hill with about an eight a tank of diesel when suddenly felt a few small hesitations at 2k rpm in 3rd/4th gear. Thought it was just my imagination, changed down to second and took it through the rev range pulling fine. Then after the next sharp left bend (still...
  3. M

    E350 auto gearbox will not shift down on steep hill.

    Could someone help with this one, please. I have a one year old E350 Sport Saloon. In general, the auto gearbox behaves itself, except on one stretch of road that I travel along about once a week. This road has a downhill gradient with a 40 mph speed limit for about a quarter of a mile, followed...
  4. R

    down a steep bank C320cdi

    Yesterday with three passengers came down steep bank not quickly as T junction at bottom and had the devil of a job to stop.Brake assist kicked in and I only managed to stop a foot or two over white line! Car is week old C320cdi with seven speed box.It appeared to keep in 7th gear until the...
  5. Howard

    Steep 220ce on ebay !! seven grand ?????? :crazy: ps. says 57k on Headline and yet point 13 states 87k ??? whats that about ? :rolleyes:
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