1. T

    Wiring under step Sprinter 311

    I recently bought a Sprinter 311 2005, it has damage under the side door step, I think it must have been hit by a fork lift. I have removed the plastic step cover and all seems fine, I am concerned that there may be cables under the step in the sill. Can any one confirm that there are no...
  2. M

    Step cover

    Hi there does anyone know the part number for sliding door step covers on a w639 vito and roughly what they cost
  3. merc85

    s211 interior Step sill 2003

    Hi wondered if anyone can help, the interior step sill plastic cover's are cracked at the ends as they are only plastic. On the OSR the Part number is A211 680 06 35 There is also a white label with 617 092 Then underneath it has 07 03 .03 Which one of the above is the...
  4. R

    Vito V639 LWB internal step / sill cover part number?

    Hi I have just bought a 204 Vito and noticed the plastic moulded step inside the sliding door is broken. I am struggling to explain it to the parts people over the phone and can't find anything on the internet. Would anyone know the part number or point me in the direction of an online parts...
  5. brucemillar

    Cost Cutting in Toothpaste. A step to far.

    This is driving me potty. Sad but infuriating. I have noticed that with my favorite brand of toothpaste (Arm & Hammer) I am also buying a large quantity of air that I neither requested, wanted paid for. You pick up the new tube. It appears pleasingly full and firm all the way up the tube...
  6. merc85

    s211 Stainless Step sill?

    As above my "inner" plastic step sill covers are cracked at the ends on the o/s, does anyone know of anywhere i can get some Stainless or alloy inner step sill covers from? Im not talking about the Original Stainless covers but the ones in from those.:thumb:
  7. Shaunee

    A45 AMG Project Thread: One step at a time

    Guys - this is going to take some reading (apologies). Grab yourself a coffee, a pack of biscuits and get comfortable. Prologue I’m here to change the world!!!!! “What the hell is this guy on!?” I hear you scream. OK…. so that’s clearly not going to take place. Well not this week...
  8. A

    Hi all, taking the next step with my CLK

    I've owned my 98 CLK230 Kompressor for a year now and I'm just amazed at the quality in build and drive presence this 16 year old delivers. Always admired the shape of the W208 and the opportunity came my way with only 60k on the clock knowing all the owners. I run a Honda CB1300S red frame...
  9. M

    LED light in step ??

    Hi Guys I have a 2007 mk 3 Sprinter and I would like to put some form of LED courtesy light in the step area, I have the necessary hole to accept an under door courtesy light but would presume that all the wire will not be present and think installing LED would be far less stressful. What do...
  10. S

    W164 side step runners

    Hi I am looking for a set of side steps in the oem runner style, don't need to be new just complete, I found some on eBay but just incase someone is selling any Thanks Graeme
  11. corned

    Invisible step ladders and truly execrable service -

    Bit of a rant coming. Take cover! On 04/07/2011 I purchased some lovely new aluminium 5-tread platform step ladders from www. stepladders. co. uk, part shown here. They are part of a company called Towers and Sanders Ltd. A few days later the package arrived. However on unwrapping and...
  12. ringway

    Plans to move UK to European time zone edge a step closer. Road Safety Affected?

    A new tourism strategy, which is expected to contain plans to move British standard time to Central European Time, will be published by the government later this week. If the plans get the green light it would mean that the clocks would be brought forward an extra hour from Greenwich Mean Time...
  13. The Boss

    What should the next step be??

    Hi guys I need advice please. Following on from the purchase of the w212 e350 cdi at xmas, i have had a few problems with the car. 1. the front windscreen was scratched 2. the NSF window was scratched 3. dashboard wood trim was scratched 4. ambient lighting on OSF door was faulty 5. Front...
  14. S

    does anyone have a step by step guide on how to remove a wing mirror cover ??

    hi guys, wondering if any1 could help me remove the cover of my wing mirror to get to the "loose" wire that is resulting to the dash showing the indicator bulb to be faulty, (but is not) many thanks again, James
  15. M

    are mercedes still considered a step up from a bmw??

    well i decided to change my car and really wanted to go back to a mercedes, but in my price range (upto £10000) my only options where old shape c class or old shape clk, so after much debate and soul searching I went for an e90 bmw 320 diesel m sport, I liked the fact that its a current model...
  16. R

    C220-CDI does anybody have a step by step guide for replacing front disc brakes

    Need to replace front disc brakes. Just bought a new c220 CDI and wanted to check before I started playing with it. Any tips would be helpful.. Thanks. Much appreciated.
  17. grober

    Audi's new A7-An eyelid too far?

    An article on Audi's new A7 in Auto Express Audi Sportback | First Drives | Car Reviews | Auto Express Going for the Robert Mitchum look perchance :cool:;)
  18. T

    W163 ML Side Step Fixings

    Hi All, I have a set of the chrome side step bars for my ML270 but have no fixings. Can anyone who has a set of these let me know what is required to fix them to the bodywork please?
  19. N

    Police / State Surveillance. A step too far or a good thing?

    Police will keep driving records for five years. By Sarah Knapton Last Updated: 12:01am BST 15/09/2008 Police plan to map all journeys made by drivers on major roads and store the data for five years...
  20. M

    90' 300E 2.6 stalls when step on gas fast

    Dear Experts: My 1990 300E 2.6 140k mile car, stalls when I step on gas fast. It runs fine when step on slowly. I suspected fuel filter, but it wasn't that. When I look at the air flow meter, while open up the throttle suddenly, it closes up immediately after it opens up. It also idles...
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