1. R

    2007 W211 Stereo and Bluetooth options confusion!

    I have recently aquired a 2007 E class. It has what I think is an NTG1 stereo; single CD slot with integrated 6 Disc changer underneath and a matrix display. In the armrest flap bits, it has what I presume is a Nokia phone kit (it has a pair of curly leads each side in the arm rest part). Now my...
  2. E

    Becker nav work with any ntg4.5 stereo

    Hi, just wondering if any ntg4.5 will work with a becker sat nav setup, my cd changer unit is damaged withn my stereo and having to source a replacement
  3. R

    Updating stereo in 05 w211

    Hi MB lovers. I have a 05 E270 avantgarde estate with standard radio/cd player. I was looking at updating this as I want all mod coms with sat nav, hands free calls, blue tooth e.t.c e.t.c. However I'mon a tight budget of £500 total so was looking at this cheap chinese ebay one... Android...
  4. R

    CLK convertible 2005 (05) aftermarket stereo

    Hi all, as this is my first post please forgive me if I am covering old topics. It's just that I am struggling to find an alternative aftermarket stereo for my 05 CLK convertible. It is the trapezoidal stereo that is 254mm across the top and not the slightly later 260mm of which there are many...
  5. J

    Upgrading SL500 Facelift stereo

    Hi all - I have a 2008 SL500 Facelift and the stereo is still in 2008 and looking a bit dated / functionality limited. I'd like to upgrade it to a new double DIN unit with bluetooth so I can play music from my iPhone, but retain all the steering wheel functions and dash displays for nav, CD...
  6. M

    Will CLK 270CDI 2005 factory stereo fit in CLK 270CDI 2003?

    Hi Everyone, I have a CLK 270 CDI Elegance Auto and want to change the factory stereo. I have seen some 2005 versions of the stereo on ebay, but I just want to know if they will fit and work in my car? Both my car and the 2005 model are the same build I think. Both are W209.
  7. V

    R129 Stereo Amp location standard unit

    EDIT Found it - Under rear seat - Under the carpet !
  8. gramey

    Reinstalling ISO fittings for stereo

    I've bought a 2nd hand Mercedes Audio 10 CD/radio to fit in my R129 as I wanted something more in keeping with the car than the awful Halfords only brand thing that's in there at the moment. I'm assuming, perhaps wrongly until I get it out, that the standard Mercedes ISO fittings will have been...
  9. kusanku

    upgrading A-class stereo

    My wife has a 2010 Mercedes A-class on which the stereo is giving up: the CD player has stopped working, and Bluetooth does not appear to have worked for some time. Rather than getting this fixed, as the stereo is quite old and basic, I would rather upgrade it. Does anybody know what the options...
  10. mpc

    CD Artwork on Stereo?

    I have a 2009 plate C250 S204 Sport estate and am wondering how the stereo gets the CD artwork? I put a new CD in the stereo today and it put totally the wrong artwork on the display but the correct track names? I took the CD out and put it back in and now it doesn't display and artwork at all...
  11. M.A.94

    Car stereo 12v ignition current draw

    How safe is it to share the cig lighters power with my car stereo 12v ignition power without an additional fuse. Am I correct in thinking that the 12v ignition (red wire) is effectively like a remote turn on lead on an amp and therefore the current draw is very little. And the constant...
  12. T

    1996 R129 SL500 stereo - installing Mercedes head

    Hi guys I've had my 96 R129 for about 6 months and now the weather is starting to improve I'm starting to do some jobs which have been on my list of things to do since I got it... First of all, I appreciate that there are a lot of topics on this. I have done a lot of reading through past...
  13. MissyD

    Nakamichi stereo

    I have a Nakamichi stereo in my old girl but the CD player has never worked since I bought it, second hand. I have messaged around a few places about getting it looked at and hopefully repaired, but no one seems to be able to help. I like the stereo because its fairly plain and think it looks...
  14. jon.english68

    When I bought my 204 Coupe I thought how good the stereo sounded but it wasn't long b

    When I bought my 204 Coupe I thought how good the stereo was, it didnt take long before I realised it needed improving, so I set about replacing the door speakers[emoji4] These are what I have fitted Quick picture of them in place Old speaker, as you can see the voice cool is very small...
  15. gramey

    R129 stereo - very strange?

    The left hand bass door speaker on my car has cut in out ever since I bought the car last July. I took it to a local car audio specialist soon after I bought it and he said it appeared that the voice coil, whatever one of those is, in the speaker was the culprit. Other things took priority and...
  16. S

    Stereo upgrade

    Hello im new here so firstly thanks everyone for allowing me to join the club Now i have just bought myself a 07 c220 w204 it has the lower end of the range stereo system with fixed screen no sat nav etc How can this be upgraded any help and info appreciated here Cheers sean
  17. chubbs111

    double din stereo

    has anyone purchased an eon or xtron stereo,im looking at replacing the one in the clk but would like views first,i picked these 2 because of price.
  18. Pegasus64

    Stereo problems

    Hi all I am having problems with my sound system the quality of sound from rear speakers are terrible very distorted and on front drivers side is so quite and timmy have tried altering balance etc still the same so only got sound from front passenger side is this common would it be the head unit...
  19. F

    1989 W124 260E Car Stereo

    Anyone got an idea what was originally fitted to this model? Blaupunkt Radio Cassette? Any help appreciated. Matt
  20. F

    Period correct style Stereo for R107

    Hi all, I'm new to the forum so hello to everyone! I would like a Becker or Continental stereo to better suit the interior of my 1989 R107 300SL. (These Kenwoods are a bit naff) Can someone point me in the right direction? I'd like one with ipod connectivity and DAB. Easy to fit...
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