1. John Jones Jr

    Period Stereos

    This site maybe or some interest to those with older M-B's. Mercedes E-Klasse W124 MP3 Autoradios -
  2. noogieman

    Anyone hooked on NAIM HIFI 2 channel stereos?

    I have a NAC112/NAP150 combo. Bought this kit back in 2003 or so? I used it for many years getting lots of eargasm everytime I listened to my favorite discs. Back in 2009 I got myself a computer and internet connection at home. I then turned off my NAIM letting it dust for nothing. Now in...
  3. flat6buster

    car stereos

    I am looking to pop a Mercedes branded stereo in our old (1989) G Wagen. I always liked the one I had in our old W210 but I think this had fibre optic electrics etc. Question is will it fit my old bus (as opposed to a new canbus!?). Here's what I was thinking about:
  4. L

    Bose Stereos in Mercs

    Anyone got any experience with the Bose stereo in the C32 AMG, hows the bass and treble any good?
  5. T

    Blaupunkt Stereos - Use of MMC / SD Cards

    Just thought I would share some knowledge regarding the use of MMC (multimedia cards) and SD (secure digital) cards in high end Blaupunkt Stereos (for playing back mp3 files). I have the "Los Angeles" tuner. I've discovered that these units are very sensitive to the cards being formatted...
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