1. E

    HELP - R107 original interior door sticker

    Hi All I'm the proud owner of a beautiful gold SL380 convertible. Unfortunately my ridiculous Mercedes garage when MOT'ing the car took it upon themselves to remove a sticker from the inside of the door shut and replace it with a awful modern sticker advertising their garage telephone...
  2. clk320x

    Remove Old Wheel Weights sticker

    Anyone know any good products to remove the old sticky pads wheel weights were on? They are a pain to get off :( Thanks
  3. B

    AMG PL Private Lounge sticker

    Hi, can anyone tell me tell me how to obtain a sticker? Would love to get one,
  4. Sylvo

    MB member windscreen sticker

    As a new MB owner and newbie to the club, I wanted to display my membership by buying an MB club sticker. They are still shown in the shop, I tried to buy but it never arrived! I received no response to an enquiry after checking that the payment had gone through. I recently checked my pay...
  5. N

    Dicksons of Perth Dealer Sticker

    I know it's a long shot, but does anyone have a 1980s classic with an original Dicksons of Perth dealer sticker in the rear window that they could take a photo of?
  6. developer

    AMG Private Lounge Sticker

    Hello guys, I have one of these spare. I'm happy to bring it to Olly's GTG, or Acid's dyno day, for the first person going to either event who replies on the thread.
  7. AMGeed

    AMG Windscreen sticker

    I have a spare windscreen sticker for the AMG Performance Lounge if anyone wants one. Just PM me your details and I'll post it off.
  8. D

    Free Brabus D6 Engine Sticker

    Brabus D6 engine sticker for free, you can make a token donation to Help for Heroes if you'd like though... First come will be first served, I don't even want owt for postage!
  9. BaldGuy

    Sun Visor sticker

    I've had to remove the sticker that Merc stick to the passenger sun visor as it was cracked and manky... its now left a very sticky residue which at the moment ive stuck business cards to to stop it sticking to the lining.... What can i use to get this off thats friendly, its all over the...
  10. cabvw

    w210 Mobile 1 AMG Engine Sticker

    Chaps I've got this missing from my engine bay, does anybody have the part number so i can source it from MB. I've found one on ebay but he wants £15 which way to much...i think? Thanks for the help in advance. Cabvw :D
  11. T

    MB members sticker

    Nice Pics of members cars with official stickers How do i purchase one ect:dk:
  12. RaceDiagnostics

    76 to 80 350SL engine sticker

    Hi, does anyone with one of these cars have a picture of the engine sticker they can post up or send please. Mine has disintegrated. Thanks
  13. mmerc

    mb club round sticker

    where can i get some thanks for your help?:confused:
  14. A

    Official MBClub Sticker Thread (post your pictures here)

    Please post pictures in this thread :) Please edit out your VIN Numbers and Reg if applicable for security reasons.:thumb:
  15. E

    MBclub sticker?

    I dont suppose any1 has a MBclub window sticker spare? :(
  16. Shude

    Green and white "e" sticker

    I've seen quite a few newish cars with a small green sticker on the bootlid with a white "e" on it. This isn't just on one brand or model I saw it on both a couple of Vauxhalls (corsa) and a VW (golf) yesterday. It's not always perfectly aligned so it might be retrofitted (by dealer or owner)...
  17. R

    Desperate for a club sticker

    Has anyone seen graham lately (grav888) as i,m desperate for a club sticker for my new car? Has any one got a spare???
  18. Apial

    Air Filter Sticker

    I think that there should be a yellow sticker on the air filter of my 300CE-24 M104 engine. Can you buy one from MB or do you have to buy a whole air filter?
  19. jasohal

    High Voltage Warning Sticker

    Does anyone know of the part number for the High Voltage warning sticker placed on the slam panel on W210 series (1999) ? It is basically a yellow rectangle with a red lightining strike shape on it with some writing ...
  20. SilverSaloon

    MBClub window sticker?

    Hi when i had my CLK, i bought a nice window sticker for it off the forum: are these still available? - would like one for the new W124 if possible!! cheers Derek
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