1. L

    Door Pillar Stickers

    Hi Ive just bought a rear door and the pillar sticker needs replacing. A Class, Near side Rear. Ive seen these stickers can be replaced. How would I identify which this is? Ive seen B and C pillar stickers and have no idea what that means. Ta
  2. A

    Caliper stickers

    Will the stickers you can get for calipers be able to stand the constant heat of the exhaust tips :confused: Cheers Ben :thumb:
  3. Brian 1

    Persecution stickers

    Should we all put "Persecution of the Motorist must stop" in our back windows, 87 MILLION WAS RAISED LAST YEAR IN FINES, that's not including other stupid fines, its just for camera's, we need to do something to stop this persecution...........:thumb:
  4. M

    MBClub Window Stickers...

    As a proud new member I'd like to show my allegiance....but I need a window sticker to help me spread the word - can we still get hold of the 75mm ones? Failing that I'll have to get a tattoo and Mrs MarkII won't be impressed ;)
  5. chrislawton

    bloody stickers!!!

    Hi everyone. Ive recently posted about this in the new members fourum and had some helpful replys, but thought the bodywork section is the best place to post this. The car was professionally resprayed 8 months ago by its previous owner. He spent so much money on modifications for this car...
  6. Ant-toe-knee

    Mercedes-Benz to place QR code stickers on vehicles for first responders

    If you’ve spent any time using a smartphone, you’ve likely come across QR code stickers, letting you redeem a coupon or get some snippet of information. Mercedes-Benz plans to start putting such codes in its vehicles, but for a nobler reason: making it easier for first responders to access...
  7. 1

    Stickers and MOT failure

    A good friend of mine who drives another mark had his 57 plate car fail its MOT because there was a club sticker above the tax disc but within the wiper sweep. If the sticker was blocking the drivers view I could understand it, but this leaves be baffled. Im planning to put a MBclub sticker in...
  8. W

    Parts for sale - W124 ARB bushes, brake hoses, Xenon warning stickers, 190E bits etc

    Hi Gang, Having a clear out last weekend I found a few new spares that I'd forgotten about that I bought for my 300TE which I sold last year. 1x set of new genuine MB front anti roll bar bushes - inner and outer. Part numbers: A124 323 45 85 x2 A124 323 50 85 x2 A common wear...
  9. marksmerc

    New Member, Get your mbclub car window stickers here

    Hi everyone, I recently joined the club and after the very friendly and welcoming response I received from the members, I decided to play my part in the club by supporting them and purchasing the club logo mbclub sticker that you put in the windscreen of your car (with pride ). Its only £3.99...
  10. Burger

    MB Club UK Stickers.

    Just wondering how long these take to arrive from ordering please? I ordered one on 6th October and still waiting for it to arrive. Thanks,
  11. A

    MBClub Stickers now available

    Due to popular demand - Official Club stickers are now available. Go get them whilst stocks last
  12. A

    MBClub Stickers now available

    Due to popular demand - Official Club stickers are now available. Go get them whilst stocks last
  13. PJayUK logo stickers

    I am feeling rather "forum patriotic" today. Do we have any stickers with the club logo on them? If not could we think about getting some made?
  14. V

    Circle stickers ontop on Xenon Headlamps

    Circle stickers on top of Xenon Headlamps Hi, can anyone please tell me what the significance of circular stickers on top of the front headlamps are? I have seen these on an ML and a couple of other cars too, which all have Xenons. Just was curious, as every other car with Xenons dont have...
  15. BlackC55

    Can anyone make me a 1000 rear window stickers?

    As above. I need a 1000 window stickers for my customers rear windows. Just with the PCS writing and the web address. I have had a couple of scary quotes. Does anyone on here make them or has a mate who makes them for a decent price? Thanks all.
  16. Dave Richardson

    Club Window Stickers

    Just a thought , Are MB Club UK window stickers available ? I used to be a regular visitor to Baby-benz when I had an A Class and membership window stickers were available there & looke d much better than the garage sales rubbish. Can someone advise please Dave
  17. C

    Mercedes Logo Stickers

    Maybe OK, mebay not ?
  18. gangsta se

    mbclub stickers

    hi can anyone tell me how to get the window stickers...thnx
  19. GordonTarling

    MB Club Vinyl Stickers

    With the blessing of the forum administrators and moderators, I have been granted permission to reproduce the MB club Vinyl stickers for sale on this forum. They are sized at 210mm x 40mm in high quality, long-lasting, vinyl material ready to be applied to almost any smooth surface. On...
  20. glojo

    Warning in relation to removal of Stickers

    I have posted a new thread because I do NOT want this connected to anyone that suggests using a razor blade or similar to remove Dealer Stickers. This warning might NOT apply to everyone that attempts to remove these free advertising adhesive stickers but please CHECK there are no elements of...
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