1. GLK

    Laptop DDR PC2-5300 200-pin SODIMM sticks

    I've recently acquired an excellent condition Panasonic Toughbook CF-19 with a view to install Mercedes STAR software on it :thumb: The laptop came with 512MB single memory module, so I decided to upgrade it, and ordered a set of two new Samsung DDR2 1GB units. Then I bought another set of...
  2. I

    Sound Sticks lll

    Been searching for ages for decent sounds for my computer for some time. With the impending arrival of my new kit this recently became an urgent issue. Browsing through PH the other day I found strong recommendations for HK SS lll. Very good indeed, so if anyone needs a decent system, give...
  3. rossy

    w215 C215 CL55 AMG sticks in

    This seems to be quite common on the Merc Auto Range and looks like mines started... Its intermittant at the Moment...ordered new Brake light switch (Fingers X'd) But if it isn't this and from what I have read and found its the bit of plastic that brakes that locks it in park via a...
  4. Charles Morgan

    Public transport in the sticks

    sucks. I had a hand op so for 4 weeks afterwards couldn't drive. I caught the bus into Slough once to go shopping - £9.20 return to go 3 miles and back. Then I had to go for an eye test at High Wycombe - the pupil is dilated so you can't drive for six hours. A shame because it is only 15...
  5. W

    04 clk 320convertible roof sticks

    I've been offered an 04 clk avangarde 320 for sensible money, but the roof goes down no problem but sticks about halfway when closing . I just wondered if anybody had any ideas on what the problem could be and what sort of costs i'd incur. I don't want to buy the car and have to spend...

    Poo Sticks

    I thought long and hard prior to writing this, this is after all a forum dedicated to MB, however, after being a member for over twelve months I have came to realise that it is more than a collection of petrol heads. There are real people on here with real problems, some minor, some more...
  7. Pitts Pilot

    American anti wheel kerbing ‘sticks’?

    OK, I realise that what I’m about to ask is committing an aesthetical crime of the highest order, but I’m about to pick up my 2007 SL350 with its beautiful 19” wheels and I really REALLY don’t want to kerb them! SO, I’ve seen in the USA, probably on custom cars, these rod like bendy sticks...
  8. E

    e300td sticks in gear when warm

    Hey everyone this is my first post :) just got myself a 1997 e300td elegance which is my first mercedes and i love it! Bt i think theres a problem with it, when i drive the car it is fine and has a load of power until it warms up, once warm and i use kickdown the car accelerates reallllly slow...
  9. dvb247

    w211 Command says AMG and sticks there!!!

    Occasionally when I start my car the AMG screen comes on and just sticks there, which means I have on radio, satnav, phone, nothing?? What tends to happen is the problem will remain for 30mins to an hour then just start on its own, or if I'm on short journeys the problem will last for thoughs...
  10. lynall

    Boot cd player sticks

    The cd player in my 2001 e class occasionally sticks and the command says loading cd, when there is nothing happening. So open boot try to remove cartridge and its stuck, give it a jab with your finger and out it comes, put it back in and it works fine for a few days then does it again. I...
  11. Gucci

    Tyre valve sticks open - easy to sort?

    When I test my tyre pressures, one tyre keeps the valve open letting the air out when I take the sensor off. I push it in a couple of times and the valve closes back. It doesn't lose pressure thereafter, but wondered how easy this is to fix? Or expensive?!
  12. Aletank

    Heater & Blower/Fan Sticks On Full ?

    The problems I'm having is that at times the Heater comes on full heat along with the Fan/Blower on full power and no matter what dials i turn it won't go off,stays on for about 10mins then dies back down!!It's not happened for about 12months but it's started doin it again lately. I get the...
  13. Steve_Perry

    Sony to offer free data recovery from memory sticks Thought it would be of interest to those that use Sony equipment or Sony's Memory Sticks. Shame I predominently use Secure Digital. :rolleyes: S.
  14. F

    MB Paint Touch Up Sticks...

    My Dad's W220 has picked up a few stone chips om the motorway from the damn grit ont he roads from the cars travelling in front :mad: . I'm planning on touching up the small chips with the MB touch up stick. What is the correct/best technique for good results...? I was thinking of using a...
  15. pammy

    Sony Memory Sticks

    Dear all - what are the chances of posting a new thread the second the forum goes for an upgrade? Well I did it:eek: , and I'll put my paranoia aside and convince myself it's not a conspiracy and post it again:D Does anyone have any views on the better stick/value for money of Lexar against...
  16. Tan

    OT: Sony Memory Sticks

    Hi Guys I need to buy a new memory stick for my Digi cam preferably 256Mb. I also need a new battery for the camera. Any ideas where i can get these cheap? Regards Tan
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