1. Shakey60

    Need advice on sticky tyres

    Afternoon guys and girls, new to this site as i've only had my car a few months but wondered if anyone could advise me. I have a W205 C63 and took it to Santa pod last weekend. I had a nightmare trying to get any traction off the line, spun in the first 3 gears but when it hooked up it was a...
  2. Z

    S class sticky wheel buttons

    Hi all I am not sure how it happened but my steering wheel buttons,became sticky,my first thought was my grandson had smeared something on them while I was not looking,but my second thought was that just maybe a car cleaner may have caused it,anyway I looked at the cost of new buttons,for get...
  3. CLSMark

    Weird sticky substance on rear window ( snigger )

    Anyone any ideas what on earth that is, I cannot get any access to it, and not enough purchase to put any product on it. Tips/solutions, most welcome. Apologies for crappy photos Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  4. T

    2007 slk200 sticky window? help??

    My drivers door window has developed a fault which I cant trace. When I open the door the window lowers a couple of millimetres as it should. the fault is when I close the door the window often just wont go back up.(it does sometimes - very temperamental!) Also when it does 'lock' down the few...
  5. B

    sticky tappet C180 1997

    I have a intermittent sticky tappet,sometimes it clicks for a few seconds on start ,other times is starts quietly then clatters after a few minuits running. Sometimes this stops for no reason. I am fairly adept at mechanics having done my own engine/gearbox/axle repairs many years ago. Is there...
  6. gr1nch

    "Buying a new M-B" sticky?

    Being fortunate enough to buy a new car comes with it a mix of emotions, questions and concerns. Now I've been on the forum for a month or so and seen a steady stream of newbies , in wondering if there is a sticky I've missed, or if not, how about the experienced members contributing to one...
  7. G

    W124 Wheel fittament:- checked sticky, PLEASE ADVISE?

    Hi there chaps, I'm looking at buying some OZ Carlsson 3/6 wheels for my w124 coupe e220. The fronts are et35 which correlates to the et in the sticky link. But the rears don't match up. In the link its says et28 and the ones I'm looking at buying are et43 for the rears. Here are the exact...
  8. N

    Sticky cd-cartridge! How to fix problem?

    sometimes my cd-cartridge is gettin' sticky, it won't eject from my cd-changer MC3198. yesterday when I was ejecting my cartridge nothing happened, eject button flashing green but cartridge still remained inside cd-changer. I had to wiggle the cartridge and pressing eject button after a few...
  9. E

    Sticky brake pedal when hot

    As above on hot days the brake pedal goes sticky. Sometimes a light squeel from wheel area can be heard. Is this a sticky caliper or something else? Can the caliper be lubricated? Any pointers appreciated! Car is W210 E300td
  10. M

    CLK W209 Alloys/ Tyre Fitment Question (checked sticky)

    Hi all, Having checked various parts of the site and links I havent been able to find out 100% Essentially looking to upgrade to 18", they are 5x112 & ET35 but the rear alloys are 9J hence wondering if they would fit as I believe 8.5J is widest? Also, if they can go on what would be the best...
  11. S

    Best sticky pads for reversing cameras ?

    Recently I had a reversing camera fitted and the darn thing keep falling off, as there isn't an official OEM kit for the SLK it's stuck on with a sticky pad under the lip by the handle/release, however every time it rains and gets wet from spray etc the pad lets go. Not ideal and I dont want...
  12. H

    ABC front Strut sticky w215 CL600

    Hi all I suspect I might have a problem with my left front ABC strut.. it seems occationally that front left end of car is bit lower then rest and when started it will raise up a bit to normal position and have also occasional problem when riding hard through turns that left front wheel...
  13. Halcyon Days

    removing sticky crud

    I removed a cracked "Load protector" panel from my CLK and it's left all the double-sided foam tape crud behind.. What's the best way to remove it? (Probably not a razor as the bumper cover is plastic?) (Not sure if the link will work, but let's try it!)...
  14. W

    c class 240 Sticky auto box

    hi all I'm new to the Mercedes owner club I hope you can help me I have just purchased a c class 240 1999 the car has a problem with the auto box when I start her the car drives fine then when she gets a bit warm the gears keep sticking it's driving me nuts I have to stop turn her off then back...
  15. B

    w 164 ml 350 2010 sticky throttle

    Evening all,got a sticky throttle on my ml w164 it's getting really annoying ticking over high I keep having to pull the pedal up with my foot.any ideas any one? Thanks in advance
  16. grumpyoldgit

    Which Engine Oil?

    These 3 links should help. Each will open a new Tab/Window so you can switch between them if need be. Determine engine type (First three digits of engine number which can be found on V5). to establish which approved spec number to use. Also refer to the 'Notes' at the bottom...
  17. nigel cross

    ML W164 sticky trottle pedal

    Anyone come across this? Intermittent fault where the tick over goes up to 1200 rpm and you have to pull up the pedal to make it go back to 700rpm. Had the main dealer check it out and they found no fault, they reset the fly by wire connection, but still the same.

    Reg plate sticky pads advice!

    Hi all, I know this is a bit of a random question but my rear number plate fell off one of my cars whilst driving on a dual carriageway. Needless to say, I couldn't go back and pick it up! I've had new plates made up but would like to find the tackiest pads out there to stick them back on to...
  19. nigel cross

    Sticky throttle pedalon ML

    On the ML the throttle pedal has started to get sticky, i.e. the tick over is to high. Simple cure stick you toe under pedal and lift it up, not ideal. Should I lubricate the pivot ? got to be careful as I can see the fly by wire cables, which must be avoided. Any ideas?
  20. K

    W202 boot lid and sticky intermal door lock handle

    A quick thanks for Terry @ Wayne Gates for sorting out my non springing open boot and sticky handle today. Top job, top service, thanks Terry. Kamal
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