1. Meldrew2

    Silent Stig

    I've just seen a tv advert for car warranty, "starring" Sacked Stig - Ben Collins. I guess Top Gear were right to keep him silent... Compared to Quentin Willson, Ben's voiceover sounds (at least to me) weak and unconvincing. I guess his strengths are silence, and letting his driving do the...
  2. Godot

    The Stig's 130mph lawnmower

  3. Borys

    Stig gone mad haha haha

    Chinese brother-I couldn't stop laughing. Hilarious :-)
  4. ringway

    BBC Top Gear. Complaints after Stig shooting.

    Complaints after Top Gear Stig shooting The BBC's 'Top Gear' is once again embroiled in controversy after the famous hosts were shown performing a drive-by shooting of The Stig. The stunt aired on Tuesday evening (December 21) during the first of two Christmas specials, involving a trip...
  5. splang

    NEW Stig!!

    Top gear new stig.... Stig news - The Stig farm Love the 'hysterically some stigs think they can write a book.... always a mistake!'
  6. Andi968

    The New STIG

    The BBC are taking no chances while the new Stig records the new series.
  7. N

    The Stig changes channels

    ‘Top Gear’s famous masked racing driver The Stig is speeding away from the BBC to join Channel Five. Last month, the mysterious man in the helmet was revealed to be Ben Collins. The BBC fired him after a bitter court battle because he wanted to reveal his identity in his autobiography. Now...
  8. D

    Stig Revealed?

    Top Gear driver unmasked as Sunday Times lifts helmet on Stig's identity | Television & radio | The Guardian :ban:
  9. J

    The Stig is still a mystery?

    BBC lawyers fight to keep Top Gear's The Stig secret - Telegraph
  10. Martin clk

    The Stig is .............

    Michael Schumacher :doh: and he has a personality. What's the biggest shock?
  11. Gucci

    HE is The Stig!

    Before you open, make sure you don't feel like I do now - it's like that moment you find out Father Christmas doesn't exist (apparently) :mad:
  12. E

    Lap with The Stig anyone?
  13. D

    Revealed Stig

    He will be sacked at TG.:bannana:
  14. robert.saunders

    Lap the TG track - ride with the Stig

    Nice - looks more entertaining than the edited highlights normally shown, although a shame the camera angle was so high
  15. dowtherz

    Lewis Hamilton V The Stig

    Tonight - can't wait! :D
  16. stwat

    The Stig speaks??! Stu
  17. Gollom

    Mrs. Gollom knows who The Stig is....

    She reckons it is our very own ...................... Ian Walker! :crazy: Consider the evidence: Drives VERY fast Never gets into top gear Operates well under pressure Wears huge helmet so he can smoke roll-ups below it!Must confess that I swerved a bit when she came up with this one! :D
  18. glojo

    Who is the Stig???

    Who is the Stig, Why not have a spot of fun and commit yourself to who you think it really is. Anyone connected to or has 'insider' knowledge are not allowed to vote :p If it looks like there are just a few nominated drivers should I consider making this thread a voting 'Poll' My...
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