1. Alex225

    This is gonna sting!

    My other half's SL350 is in with DDR in Surrey to have the roof issues repaired. The electric boot lid had some intermittent issues at the end of last year whereby the it would unlock but not lift. If you gently lifted the boot it would open and the soft close worked fine every single time...
  2. s4rap

    bee sting aeriel snapped

    hi need help the black rubber bee sting aeriel has snapped when sheeting my clk 430 up for winter storage revealing the wire,have tried super glue but it wont stay put.Anyone know whats best,should i have a new one fitted cheap off ebay doesnt look easy or just pay to have a new one fitted,many...
  3. balge

    New ball sting in the air...?

    Had to say well done Broad! Hat trick!
  4. Gollom

    Sting - Live In Berlin....

    ....with the Royal Philharmonic. Recorded this the other day and what a musician the man is. OK, he comes across a bit pretentious and "worthy" (are he and Bono twins? ;)) But what a talent! Suzy Cute out and nobody next door, so Pump Up The Volume! P.S. Few years ago I employed a young lad...
  5. marc777

    "Free" upgrade 2MB BT Broadband - sting in the tail

    Got offered free upgrade from 1MB to 2MB Broadband - no additonal fee and no additonal contract. Seemed a good deal. Subsequently learnt from the BT website that if we had opted out then our monthly charges would have fallen about 45% ! Thats nearly £500 a year. So now have had to...
  6. mark.t

    possible sting

    just purchased a flip camera phone, all shiney and new, read user guide took picture sent it in a MMS message, upps error, can not send message, 6 times this happend, asked my son "have you not authorised your MMS messager with your supplier" herm not yet i said skulking away,iam on a special...
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