1. J

    New C class W203 key from Stockport

    Hello Took my old C Class 203 180K to Stockport Mercedes Benz today. Served by Katie who was very helpful indeed as was the receptionist. Mercedes-Benz of Stockport - Passenger cars I showed up with my one working key (my girlfriend washed my spare - dohh!) plus my V5 and ID (passport). I...
  2. The Boss

    Anyone travelling Stockport (Cheshire) --> London soon

    hi need a some logisitical help anyone travelling from Stockport, Cheshire to London, and can collect some car parts (floor carpet) from Stockport on route and bring it down to London.. - Ideally NW London (Middlesex) I am happy to buy you lunch or dinner / drinks as a thankyou or cash if you...
  3. Gollom

    Anybody in Bolton?

    .... near to SK Performance cars able to cast their eyes over this? Been told to look out in particular for electrical gremlins. Don't want to take the trip there if it appears to be a lemon! Many thanks
  4. AJA

    Well done SPR Autos Stockport

    SPR autos in Stockport. They came recommended by a few members on here and now I can highly recommend them. They looked after my CLK 320 yesterday and I got it back this morning. She drives like a dream and I've a broad smile right across my face again.
  5. S

    Mercedes Stockport final result !! After reading my bad luck and how the dealer bent over backward to do everything for me UNTIL -----I filled in the feed back report and praised them :doh: big mistake Here we go , As merc of stockport said they...
  6. S

    Mercedes of stockport

    I would like the thank merccedes of stockport for carrying out some teething problems on my new 320cdi sport and a scratch that someone kindly done on the passenger side door :eek: and leaving me a new 350sport to use whilst my car was being dealt with :) and keeping me updated with the...
  7. R

    SPR autos in Stockport Cheshire

    SPR autos is still there and to be recommended. You wont get a complimentary coffee or a swish forecourt but you will get a well priced and efficient job done.
  8. T

    SPR autos -Stockport.. great indy

    :D Just wanted to say thanks to Steve and his team at SPR autos for the superb customer service they gave me. They are very knowledgable, friendly and I can't recommend them highly enough...
  9. Gollom

    McLean&Appleton Mercedes-Benz - Stockport

    Just learnt that the above are ceasing trading from the end of this month and not taking bookings (but still listed on the MB site)
  10. mickl

    SPR Autos- Stockport

    has anyone had any recent experience of their work? ta
  11. M

    specialist in stockport

    Just a quick line to tell you all out there that use SPR autos of macclesfield that they have moved to carrington rd in stockport, just off the M60 and very handy,bigger premises too,steves an ex mercedes main dealer technician and well worth a visit, low labour charges and better than the main...
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