1. alzieboy

    Stonechips E350 Coupe

    Have only had the E350 Coupe a few weeks cant believe the amount of bonnet stonechips i have got in such a short time, the previous couple of BMW i had , 1 & 3 series only had the odd one , the wifes 05 Golf has not got any and thats from new !! . Dont know what looks worse just leave them or...
  2. B

    Stonechips on a low miles car

    I'm about to put a deposit on a SLK350. The thing is, there are a fair amount of stonechips on the bonnet. Is this a common occurance on a lowish (34K) miles 2004 car? I was wondering if the paint is particularly hard or is it a sign of more than declared miles possibly. Any comments?
  3. as400

    How do detailers deal with stonechips?

    Mine will be off to a detailer for a major detail soon, its black with 6 figure mileage there must be 50+ stone chips over the front bonnet. You can see them as little white spots against the black background. How does a detailer correct this? they really have a tiny paint brush and paint...
  4. R

    Treating rust - scratches and stonechips - POR15, Bilt Hamber?

    Hi, I've got a 1999 CLK ... and with German build quality there is a fair amount of rust! :mad: Now I’d like to treat it, and stop it in its tracks! I've been reading up all over the place. I've found that Hammerite doesn't seem up to much. Bilt Hamber seems new and a possible good bet, but...
  5. Pietre


    Can anyone reccomend a paint pen to cover stonechips. At the moment I'm driving a Merc pepper pot. :crazy:
  6. S


    Has anyone had any success in claiming for stonechip damage under warranty? I have a W203 in Tansanite appx 15 months old, 22k mls and there is a substantial amount of stonechipping on the bonnet. Perhaps 35% of my motoring is on Motorways. I have never experienced this on any of the other cars...
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