1. CLSMark

    Trying to stop smoking

    I had given up for 13 years, but for some stupid reason I've started again, I know all the cons, it stinks/anti social/expensive/health. But I'm now struggling to pack them in again, because I'm enjoying it too much, it's like an old friend. Tried the electronic things, but those have nicotine...
  2. M

    Start Stop - Break Pedal Pressure (W204)

    Question from any W204 C class owners. With the 'Eco' start stop feature enabled, can you hold the car on the break pedal without stopping the engine. All other cars I've driven with start stop require you to push the brake pedal slightly harder once stationary to turn the engine off, my merc...
  3. gr1nch

    Murder hunt launched after man dies trying to stop car thieves

    Murder hunt launched after man dies trying to stop car thieves Poor bloke. I know you're not meant to get involved and just claim on insurance, but I can understand reacting to having your home broken into, whilst you're in it, and have your pride and joy getting driven off with whatever...
  4. M

    ECO Stop/Start

    I've searched a lot of threads and it looks like the ECO stop/start cannot be disabled other than each & every time one starts the engine via the console button. That's how it is on my C class, even after switching off the engine for only a couple of minutes. It's a real pain e.g. when...
  5. Myclk55amg

    Stop moss collecting on rubber trim

    Hi guys was just wondering if any of you guys could help me? Is there anything I can put on the rubber seals to stop moss from collecting?. With it being a second it's parked on my drive most of the time, the problem is the driveway doesn't getsunlight on it at all so it collects in no time! And...
  6. N

    Folding Mirrors - modification to stop them causing issues?

    Hi, When I bought my CLK one of my favourite convenience features was the power folding mirrors. Both my driveway and work car park are very tight and the auto folding mirrors made life a lot easier. I read on here that they can cause issues with the indicators/heater so turned the...
  7. clk320x

    Motorbike on motorway telling me to stop

    Was driving down M1 today towards London, speed reduced to 40. I was in the middle lane. A man on a motorbike with a green jacket (no police markings etc) with a go-pro on helmet aggressively came next to my car and started beeping me to pullover whilst screaming. He then tried to make me pull...
  8. thebig1

    Stop Start Fault?

    Hi Guys, Took my car C63s, to the dealer last week for a transmission software upgrade, door handle replaced and the stop start never seeming to activate, A on dash always yellow. Picked up Thursday and told all fixed. The stop start worked on the way home. Today I drove 40 miles, all the...
  9. V

    Failing to Stop - Car Damage

    So i come back after work to find my car wheel arch and bumper has been scratched due to some little idiot [another merc driver unfortunately] who was unable to park properly/reverse onto a space on the road. it was witnessed by a onlooker who was kind enough to leave me his contact details...
  10. G

    Passenger side mat doesn't have any securing studs to stop it riding up

    Passenger side mat doesn't have any securing studs to stop it riding up Any ideas? Sent from my GEM-702L using Tapatalk
  11. D

    STOP THE PRESS!!!!! - - - - NEW Tyres from Pirelli - CINTURATO 205/70VR14 CN36

    Hi i know the Michelin XWX is brilliant, but for years it has been the only choice in the size 205/70VR14. everything else in that size you wouldn't consider for these cars as you need something goods. Here is the Good news Pirelli have just re made the 1971 W rated 205/70R14 Cinturato...
  12. IBN

    Warning Beeper - How can I stop it?

    Hi All I have a 1990 US Spec 300SL (R129) and have a niggling issue which is driving me mad. When I start the car, a "Warning Beeper" goes off and continues for about 1 minute. it then stops for about 30 minutes then starts again .... I think it's coming from the passenger seat area. I'm not...
  13. culpano

    Engine died when stop start was active

    Hi, I've just driven from Blackpool to Harrogate where I work and was in standing traffic and stop start kicked in. When I took foot off the brake the engine died ! I put car in park and turned key and engine fired up again but it was a bit embarrassing as I was stopping cars turning into...
  14. 8

    Stop & Go Pilot

    The Distronic plus on my GLC250D follows traffic as it should and comes to a "Stop" if it needs to but when the traffic moves on it never moves off on its own and I have to pull the "resume" lever or touch the throttle. It seems to me like the "Go" bit of the Stop & Go pilot is not working...
  15. E

    The New One Stop Car Repair Shop

    How is it going guys? Hello guys, How has your week been? let me know how we can help Regards, Seyi
  16. R

    Rust will not stop you.

    1998 Mercedes
  17. B

    Stop start

    Hi Guys, If I disconnect rear battery in my 2012 C Class coupe will this disable stop/start as it does in Jags and Rovers.
  18. brucemillar

    How to stop Lacquer Clouding

    Folks As above: I am spraying lacquer over paint. Both are top quality products (Glasurit). It is a small area (fag packet) The lacquer is clouding / going milky. Am I putting to many coats on? Is it to wet/damp? I am just wafting it over and not laying it on thick.
  19. Q

    Would disconnecting a CD changer stop Comand from launching?

    Hi all, My Comand currently starts with the Mercedes logo and then powers out again. Between working perfectly yesterday and now not working I have done the following: Removed Comand unit to spliced/re-splice some speaker connections (whilst disconnecting aftermarket amp) Disconnected...
  20. Stig2082

    The Mercedes journey continues, latest stop a CLS Shoooting Brake

    Having started my Mercedes journey many years ago with a 2001 320 CLK Cabriolet, I am now the proud owner of a 2012 CLS SB. In between has been an 2004 320 E Class estate, a bunch of other cars, a 2008 CLS 320cdi and latterly a 2008 CLS 63 AMG. All have been brilliant in their own way and suited...
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