1. B

    Brake hold feature stopped working

    Anyone had this and or know a fix or possible solution ?
  2. F

    The year CDI Black death stopped occurring

    Hi from Australia I'm the sad owner of a 2003 ml270 with recurring black death :fail Yes my own spannering :fail Nice vehicle otherwise. What year did the boffins at MB decide to change the design of the injector seating to eliminate this (:fail) problem? Cheers Peter
  3. R

    Indicators stopped working... both mirrors. In January I rebuilt (as you do) the seat switch modules found in each door. It was a simple job which required all plugs to be pulled off to allow the switch block to be removed. All went well except that on reassembly the left side indicator no longer worked. I wasn't...
  4. Q

    W201 - All electric windows stopped working

    My 1984 190e has an annoying problem, all of my windows stopped working yesterday. Fuses seem fine so a bit of research suggests I should change the "silver" relay that controls power to the windows. So, I got a new relay, got a spurious parts one for a local parts supplier as MB dealership said...
  5. Arctree

    W203 Coupe Both Keys stopped working

    :doh: Hi there, Just got my first MB a month ago. W203 C220 CDI Coupe, 2007 Came back to the car today from work, clicked the fob key, it lit up but no car response on unlock or lock, had to use the key, the siren went off, inserted key inside and the car started. Got home, tried the other...
  6. K

    W211 clock stopped??

    My 2007 W211, possibly on start-up, had the seatbelt warning light illuminate (no accompanying warning buzzer) and, at the same time the clock stopped! I reset the clock in the menu but when pressing the R (reset) button the time reverted to stopped time and reset to that!! Seatbelt light also...
  7. B

    why has MB stopped making C220d Automatics?

    Was looking to get one as my new company car (as it was less than 110g/km CO2 which is my company limit) but when I requested it, I was told it is no longer available as an auto in 2017 models and lowest diesel auto is C250d which has 112 g/km. They will lose a lot of company car business as I...
  8. S

    W221 S320 Windscreen wipers stopped working!

    Windscreen wipers have suddenly stopped working. 2007 W221 S320 I have had the codes read and the it has picked up a error between the front SAM and Master Windscreen motor. I have checked fuses - 41, 42, and 49 - all appear fine. Test were run on the stalk switch and passed fine...
  9. D

    C124 speakers have all stopped working!

    I recently overhauled the stereo system in my 1990 300CE, fitting a Pioneer DAB head unit and replacing the front dash speakers for a pair of Crunch 130mm's and a pair of Infinity's for the rear. The DAB receives signal with a splitter using the existing electric telescopic aerial. All was...
  10. A

    KIck-down stopped operating?

    Dear All, The kick down on my C220 CDI Coupe has stopped working. It appears to be okay when driving away from cold and then stops operating after a short time. The vehicle appears to want to sit in top gear and when the accelerator is pressed slowly get faster instead of changing down...
  11. T

    BAS light on when press brake / Also Cruise control stopped working. Help

    Mercedes CLK 230k 2001 I've had occasional BAS fault light warning and BAS/ESP during two years owned. Today the fault light comes on each time the pedal is pressed following starting engine. No physical issues noted. On way home i've also found that the Cruise Control has stopped...
  12. M

    W212 Analogue Clock stopped working

    Has anyone else experienced the analogue clock below the command system just stopping working? I've only just noticed that its set at the 12 o clock position and doesn't set itself to the right time anymore. I've tried to set the time automatically & manually in the command system, I've...
  13. O

    Heve Mercedes stopped replacement parts for the w124 series?

    Good afternoon all. Newbie question and nothing comes up on search. I have just been told by my garage that Mercedes no longer supply replacement window seals for the C124. This is a few months after learning that they no longer supplied new looms for the engine. Have MERCEDES STOPPED...
  14. B

    Mercedes c220 diesel thick black smoke in reverse and stopped in drive

    Hi can any one help please Mercedes c220 diesel 57 plate Thick black smoke in reverse think black smoke when I stop in drive at a traffic light any time I'm stopped its smoking bad but it dont smoke at all when in park Rev it no smoke - no smoke when I'm going along just when stopes in gear any...
  15. A

    W212 Production Run stopped?

    With the W213 around the corner, has anyone heard if MB have stopped production runs of the current W212 yet or announced a stop build date? What exactly is the timeframe needed to fit/adjust a new model into production?
  16. abecketts

    And it all stopped......but why?

    Wednesday morning was quite cold and I was heading off to the airport, I started up our E320cdi and headed off through the village, when I got to the roadworks at the other end of the village (1.5 miles) the car as i slowed down just stopped the engine behaved almost as if i'd stalled it (not...
  17. H

    cigar lighter stopped working

    Hi, I have a 6 year old e220 estate. The driver cigar lighter has stopped working but socket in luggage area is ok. Does front one have a fuse anywhere, ? If yes, where please. H
  18. M

    Mercedes GLK trying to run over people stopped by an excavator – Video

    From the article: On the morning of August 28 2015 at Nanning Xingning District a large chicken village some people where dressed in black uniforms to carry out the demolition. Photos and video - Mercedes GLK trying to run over people stopped by an excavator .
  19. F

    Rear end shunt, driver's electric seat stopped working

    After a rear end shunt (only slight cosmetic damage) the driver's electric seat memory was lost and the seat will no longer move backwards. The passenger side is fine, all other driver's side functions work (forward, up, down, tilt back, tilt forward) but the seat will not go back. I have only...
  20. G

    w221 driver window stopped working

    my drivers window is stuck open! I was driving and put the window down a little bit and now it won't go back up. all the other windows work fine as does everything else.
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