1. E

    Door Check Stopper Clicking Noises

    Hi, One of the back doors has very loud clicking noises when opening and closing the door. There are 3 clicks when opening and 3 clicks when closing. I'm pretty sure the noise is coming from the door check stopper. I've read that some people have fixed this issue by lubricating it with...
  2. Bobby Dazzler

    Air intake bung or stopper for wading - W163 ML

    Back when I first joined MBClub, a member gave me a bung, stopper, cap thingy which you insert into the air intake so you can wade through a greater depth. I recall that without it you can't wade in water deeper than the the height of the wheel arch, but with this fitted you can! I was...
  3. slippy

    A new style clear wind stopper for early SLK

    Having searched the net for a suitable wind deflector for my newly aquired SLK I discovered that they were either very expensive or not to a design that I liked so I decided to get one made how I wanted. Im considering getting a batch of 10 made if there is any interest. If I order 10 the cost...
  4. M

    Defective stopper window SLK(R170)

    On my 98 SLK LHD I suddenly got problems with the window on the passenger door. It would stop about 2-3mm too high. I adjusted it with the window switch. I was still able to get the roof up and down. I got the door card off (with help of my mechanic) and found two small angle shaped metal...
  5. M

    Had another heart stopper yesterday

    Had another spot of bad luck yesterday, was following my Dad home, came to a small cross roads, everyone goes on the right of each other because otherwise the cross roads gets completly blocked, So my Dad goes over on the right then i go, then there is a guy that I dont know where he came...
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